MPs Upset Over Canteen Closure


Members of Parliament were left frustrated after news erupted that their canteen was closed down. The canteen was the primary source of nourishment for parliamentary staff and most were vocal about its shutdown since they had o look for nourishment elsewhere. Helena’s restaurant had been responsible for running the canteen for the last 2 years but as of December last year has had its license suspended.

The case was taken to taken to court after a complaint was filed at the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority over a disputed bidding process where bribery was cited. As the case goes on the canteen once full of life is gathering dust as the affected parties wait a court decision. The drama affects MPs are understandably frustrated as they continue demand for a way forward amid fears it could potentially affect business in-house as they are forced to look for alternatives. The situation most likely affects approximately 1000 people which includes 459 Members Of Parliament as well as 500 Parliamentary staff and visitors.


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