Cholera Outbreak In Kampala


A cholera epidemic has developed in Kampala, Rubaga division seems to be most affected with areas such as Kironde, Sembule , Nakayiza receiving the bulk of it. The minister of Health for Primary Health Care Joyce Kaducu recently led a team of volunteers to help improve the sanitation of the area. According to the minister the situation is alarmingly appalling due to the state of health in the area with homes  closely congested with barely any space between them. After talks with some of the residents she became aware that the waste disposal system could be the primary cause of the outbreak with residents disposing their waste in the the drainage canals or any flowing water channels in the area.

!6 cases have so far been admitted to Naguru hospital with 7 of them having been confirmed as having cholera. The residents have asked the government for help in the matter so as to aid in the cleaning of the drainage channels as well as set up proper waste disposal systems. The government is working to have the residents of suspected areas vaccinated against the waterborne disease to help control its spread like in a similar case in April last year in Hoima. Areas to yet receive vaccination are Buliisa, Nebbi and Packwach. The cost of managing cholera is however a hindrance to the efforts done which stands between 50-100,000 Ug Shillings which is significantly high for majority of Ugandans in affected areas.


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