Discrimination Against Albino Child In Primary School


Hormisdallen, a reputable primary school in the country has had official action taken against it due to claims of discrimination against an 11yr old albino child. Speaking to NBS, the parent Tulis Ayebare claimed she inquired to the school about moving her daughter to the boarding section in an effort to improve on her overall performance in school but was initially met with skepticism and later admitted it was due to her skin condition.

The parent naturally disappointed and facing psychological torture due to the reasoning took the matter to the Equal Opportunities Commission which took further action. The Equal Opportunities Commission is a body a constitutional body mandated to eliminate discrimination and inequalities against any individual or group of persons based on race, gender, colour, tribe, religion and other defining factors. After a long confrontation lasting hours Hormisdallen eventually admitted guilty to the claim of discrimination due to skin colour and was fined for their action. Hajat Zaminah Malole from the Equal Opportunities Commission expressed her pleasure in Hormisdallen’s decision to settle and will wait when the commission adjourns on the 25th when stakeholders sign a memorandum of understanding where the school will commit in writing when to compensate the victims.

The amount is estimated at Sh30 million but investigations will still be conducted on how the figure came up in order to commit to fairness due to the sensitivity of the matter. The finding could as well have the figure much higher due to numerous factors.


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