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This category brings you news on what is going on within our country as well as beyond our borders

Schools in Hoima District are closing down to avoid the risk of Chimpanzee attacks on lives of pupils. The species are reported to raid siege on villages, and schools during school days taking toddlers hostage.
Salaamu Musumba: We (FDC) have been fighting, blown our trumpets and now the (Elders Forum and Uganda religious council) have woken up when it's too late.
Jinja residents excited about plans for city status
Opinions from Political players in Uganda have famously shaped narratives in politics and often times perceived as truth and not far from it. As Columnists, Commentators, take the shine, Cartoonists have remained unsung heroes using satire to shape political landscape. Content credit: Christopher Hart, NBC News and YouTube Creator...
Tamale Mirundi explores the issue of the Mobile Money tax which till today the 30th of October 2018 the Government of Uganda deliberately still deducts 1% from every Mobile Money activity as regards sending, recieving and withdrawing. This tax has caused 1000s of people to remain unemployed.      
Michelle Omamteker: I don't think people understand what social stigma is. You can be a nice loving person but still be discriminative. Hot pink is a perception changing event.
Sharifah Nakitende, Kawooya Yusuf’s sister narrates to #NBSMorningBreeze the current condition of her brother after the brutal arrest last week.
Patrick Onyango: We started fingerprinting guns on 9th September. It’s not only going to be centred in Kampala, it shall be a countrywide process but we’re specifically starting with police. We shall move to other security organs before we go to individually owned guns, we shall have to fingerprint...
@HakimKanyere: Fish had depleted in lake Victoria and many fish factories had closed down. Some say the UPDF have done a tremendous job to provide security on the lake as well as fight illegal fishing.
Tamale Mirundi: Every area has their one Ntiro, that’s what you people don’t know. Just that others aren’t elevated to that level of name calling.
In a bid to create awareness about single use plastics, we continue to bring you alternatives for ‘Kaveera’. Victoria Bagaaya spot checks Kalerwe market.
The people of Lusanja have no hope for the future after they were evicted from their homes, their hope lies with the president to look into the land matter.
Farish Magembe: Residents of Kimaanya in Masaka municipality are now living in fear after being invaded by gunmen. Some residents say the attackers are moving in a group of four possessing guns and machetes.
Simon Peter Kinobe: everybody is concerned by those acts of violence, this happened sometime last week and we as Uganda Law Society are prepared to go to court, but we were given assurance by the UPDF that those people will be brought to book.
Meet the ladies (Zahara Totto and Ana Talia), they’re unveiling something brand new today at 7:45pm. The show is dubbed ‘Uncut’. Tune in right after #NBSAmasengejje to be part of this crazy duo.