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Tamale Mirundi's perspective on Amama - Museveni relationship, FDC wrangles, CCTV cameras
The 7th edition of the vintage car showcase will take place at @KampalaSheraton hotel this Saturday. Entrance to the event is 20,000shs for adults and 10,000shs for kids below 18
Tamale Mirundi's perspectives of current affairs
Solomon Muyita: The issue of elevation of Justice Remmy Kasule hasn’t yet reached our desk, the president has the right to appoint other justices to the court but I’m also aware that we don’t have the budget, chambers and logistics to that court.
Francis Oketcho, NRM candidate in the Bugiri municipality election: I think people have been reporting what isn’t on ground, I’ve been in this campaign for the past 3 years building networks and structures on ground.
Alipoota Y'emisango Eya 2017 Yafulumye :Emisango Gyeyongedde Ebitundu 3.3%, Okutta Abantu N'okubbisa Emmundu Byeyongedde
Hon. David Bahati: We moved this amendment in December 2017, we again moved it as a bill in April and it was pushed to the committee of finance which called upon stakeholders and then it moved to parliament before it was passed.
We have two fuel stations that are setting the prices of fuel in the Ugandan market. Shell and Total, yesterday evening prices did shoot up, this means that the 100 shillings price that was proposed has been implemented. The big story in France is Waste Management. How they are...
Local Council Elections analysis, Social Media Tax, UIA mess
Bbosa: It could have been a joke where people think that OTTS is about "wolokoso" but i could also supplement that with a joke, now that the government of Uganda is getting taxes from social media, then maybe we shall not be seeing the closure of Social Media.
Farish Magembe reports: Gunmen attacked hardware shop in Masaka yesterday around 8:30PM, they over powered the guard and two people were shot dead. Currently security officers are at the scene.