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Vincent Mugabo: Every trial has cost implications but what is important is that the citizens of Uganda learn about the court proceeding and how they’re running.
From our last investigation, a lot of questions remained unanswered about the Hepatitis B vaccine and its falsification. Questions like what were the contents of the vaccine that was being administered to the public? How did the drugs skip the perfectly set controls of government to make it onto...
He says the procedure was not followed.
One in ten Ugandans suffer from the deadly Hepatitis B virus. The shocking number that was discovered in 2005 after a government survey pushed the ministry of health to roll out country wide vaccination procedures. However, the new shocking revelations of fake vaccines on the market have raised more...
How did this vaccine get onto the market? And no one is answering this question. Even as we speak today, some of the clinics that were listed are still administering the Hepatitis B vaccine. What are they doing?
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Government spends an estimated 180 billion shillings on buying new vehicles and replacing old ones. 150 billion shillings is spent on fuel and about 100 billion shillings on car maintenance every year in a country struggling with basics like paying salaries. While the ministry of finance continues to table...