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My situation is not good and it should not be a surprise when God calls me now.
General Kale Kayihura is well, he’s so disturbed by the falsehoods going on in the media, this is the 8th day... We’ve had a number of visits with him, he’s in Makindye military barracks with a house, a bedroom and a sitting room, he’s not in a cell. He’s...
This road(ExpressWay) doesn’t allow boda bodas so it can really get risky when your car breaks down, the road is really lonely after 8 pm and your only option is either stay until morning or call a friend to help.
I’d like to appreciate the president for being here and speaking to the nation about the current state of security. This is in his mandate.
For decades of Uganda’s colonial and postcolonial reign, Port Bell, Uganda’s biggest water transport facility on Lake Victoria dominated regional and international trade patterns. The port that fetched, at it’s prime over 2 billion shillings monthly, has since been reduced to a shed of buildings and a shadow of...
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