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Face Off with Banyenzaki, Former MP & Minister, Business man & Director Operation wealth Creation
Police has rescued property of Boda Boda 2010 in Makindye. But some furniture has been broken, nothing has been burnt yet.
Boda boda rider: I was very happy when they arrested the Boda Boda 2010 but we still don't understand why IGP denied them at first but then later came out to take responsibility.
What i did for Mbarara Municipality speaks for itself, the projects that came to Mbarara during my time are there, i don't need to talk about them.
Ekitongole ekiramuzi kisobola okulungamya eby'obufuzi mu Ggwanga?
Ekitongole ekiramuzi kisobola okulungamya eby'obufuzi mu Ggwanga?
On the 28th of September 2016, Alfred Olango a Ugandan refugee was gunned down by the police in Elcajon in San Diego California. In what was described as murder in cold blood by the family members, his sister Lucy Olango watched as his brother was shot four times by...
Karitas: I had to take a break and concentrate on the boys and I'm back. I have two energetic boys, they are seven years