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Tamale Mirundi: I told people that the 1st Lady shouldn't have been appointed Min. of Educ. That ministry is full of land-mines "MAK strikes started becoming rapid when they started becoming more innovative. People don't want M7 to celebrate his success" If you're fundraising for marriage, do you go to the...
Tamale: Some people think if someone is fired, they have to replace them with their own. Do you think we are sleepy? Mafias think that where there is money, it's only 'them' allowed to hold such positions I wrote about the future Ugandans are talking about years ago
Tamale Mirundi's Perspective on Current Affairs
An in depth report into the undercurrents in Uganda's oil sector
"DP is very influential. Even president M7 was once in DP, he mentioned it in his book."
Tamale Mirundi: I want to agree with Dr. Kizza Besigye, he was spot on. We have a mafia state
n Africa we don't express our love in public, go to Europe, you find people kissing in public yet they have highest rates of divorce. A woman must always be dressed in a 'gomesi'. If you show us your legs then what next? An African man doesn't express love in public,...
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Tamale Mirundi's take on the the current state of affairs.
National Youth Council in Promoting Youth
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Understanding the Youth Livelihood Programme