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This category brings you news on what is going on within our country as well as beyond our borders

Ugandans React to Sim-card Verification Exercise
Muyita says that apppeals are still streaming in. As of yesterday, we had 49. The High Court has cleared nearly 80% of the petitions. By September, we expect all petitions before High Court to be completed. The money and the judges are ready.
URA's Preparedness for FY 2017/2018 
NRM was not the loser in Kyadondo East, it was FDC
The town's growth expected to attract investment.
Tamale Mirundi's take on the the current state of affairs.
This guy who was mimicking me on TV was isolated by his fellow comedians, he was working for Amama Mbabazi. "I'm happy President Museveni personally delivered aid to hunger stricken areas. I was hurt that Dr. Kizza Besigye did it first while the Prime Minister was busy dancing to...
Pride Micro Finance is reaching out to customers with loans tailored for them
Life is tough. If you are going to wait until you finish school to start work, then you will start at the bottom.
Aba Boda Boda 2010 babbi - Omukozi e Makindye