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This category brings you news on what is going on within our country as well as beyond our borders

"Parliament is becoming almost meaningless. The bar of leadership is being lowered so low, anybody who is well balanced will not run for parliament."
Kooki Chiefdom lays ground to revive its cultural norms after being suppressed by Buganda Kingdom for over 122 years.
Residents fetching water from stagnant pond due to water shortage.
People are terrified, families are grieving and continue to question how the army attacked people with simple weapons at the palace.
Birungi Ki EbItuukiddwako Bukya Uganda Efuna Obwetwaaze Obw'emyaka 54
Teddy Cheeye: Opondo is a victim of what he doesn't understand. The ideology of Museveni's government is a bandit system that uses people, dumps them and uses others. I reached an extent of calling President Museveni but he wasn't picking my calls. I foolishly landed myself to prison. I used the...
Richard Todwong: It's unfortunate that those who wish to remove NRM from power are not organized, they’re wasting time in resolving issues amongst themselves.
Understanding the changes in the energy sector Government to scrap off agencies and authorities
Ebbugumu mu musango gwa Kayihura, Kirengeza ggwanga gyelilaga?
President Museveni Commissions Muni University in Arua
URA's Preparedness for FY 2017/2018 
An 80 old year woman is battling a strange disease for five months now that has severely affected her skin. For all this time, she has been nursing her pain at home due to lack of finances.
Medicare Health Professionals College Training Medics
As refugees from South Sudan continue to trickle into Uganda in large numbers, the roads have become terrible with the coming of the rain. To make it worse food is not enough