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Essomero eggaddwa, ebyokwelinda byongezeddwa
Eastern Uganda remains a hot bed for power theft in Uganda, a practice that that has cost the utility company UMEME in billions. In NBS Investigates tonight, Moses Walugembe gives an unprecedented insight into how locals steal power, tapping from live dangerous wires, which often times leads to death. The piece...
Jordan Mubangizi: We saw Asians presenting their side of the story yesterday. There is a bitter wrangle between Asians and the local communities. Bamasaba believe that they should be given their land back as Asian continue to repossess property
The Housing crunch in Masaka Municipality is forcing people out of town. Farish Magembe tells the story of how residents struggling to cope with the demands of landlords who are increasing rent charges whenever they wish.
Robert Kyagulanyi win NRM Concedes defeat
While in school, students often assume it is simply an obligation for parents to see them through a certain level of education. For some, it even turns out to be a burden with constant pestering from parents, teachers and everyone else around them. This life is what 18-year-old Mindi...
Hon. Raphael Magezi says, "This motion is intended to make Ugandans happy that they will have a chance to elect their leader be it 20, 30 or 80.Today is an important landmark in the democratization of our country. The debate has just increased the number of messages and calls. It...
S.4 results for 4,500 students withheld. 31,000 students pass in division 1.
International Human Rights Defenders' Defenders Day Celebration