Tamale Mirundi's Perspective on Current Affairs
"DP is very influential. Even president M7 was once in DP, he mentioned it in his book."
Tamale Mirundi: I want to agree with Dr. Kizza Besigye, he was spot on. We have a mafia state
n Africa we don't express our love in public, go to Europe, you find people kissing in public yet they have highest rates of divorce. A woman must always be dressed in a 'gomesi'. If you show us your legs then what next? An African man doesn't express love in public,...
Tamale Mirundi's take on the the current state of affairs.
Tamale Mirundi: Once Kale Kayihura's contract is renewed, you won't see 'notices' threatening people again. Mafia is in Mengo, in church and everywhere. Once they attack you, you can't do anything. "
Analysis of the current political situation in the country.
Tamale Mirundi: Every government that comes to power always wants to discredit the previous government
People who work for the government only have one mentality, a salary and a car. When we get tired of the Katikiro we just beat him, that's how Baganda work. The Buganda kingdom is very democratic, the role of selecting a kabaka rests on the council. If you impregnate a girl and...
Tamale Mirundi on the 6 billion hand shake: We became slaves to the people. The person who will challenge Museveni in 2021 will come from parliament. If parliament is really concerned about the golden handshake, why didn't it probe the UGX13 billion Amama Mbabazi received? Tamale on the #6bnhandshake: These people are...