Understanding the Social Protection Programme.
Tamale Mirundi: Religious leaders to lead change must be credible. Many Ugandans believe in their religions not religious leaders. How many religious leaders have refused funds from politicians?
Muyanga Lutaaya : What do you know about the late Ivan Ssemwanga? Tamale: Nothing. That's not my line of work. I'm not a pauper. We grew up in fear, we were brought up never to take free things. You can't even pick money on the road. But as a human...
Tamale Mirundi's perspective into current affairs.
The age limits debate, has President Museveni consented to it? UNRA Demolition process on road reserves. Boda boda legalisation.
People who work for the government only have one mentality, a salary and a car. When we get tired of the Katikiro we just beat him, that's how Baganda work. The Buganda kingdom is very democratic, the role of selecting a kabaka rests on the council. If you impregnate a girl and...
Tamale Mirundi's perspective on the current state of affairs
Tamale Mirundi: You tame the army & the likes of the Kaginas disorganize the country? How? That's my only problem with the president. "These boys killed my political career so that they can steal money, I'm gradually building it. They can't kill me twice" Tamale Mirundi on Justice Kavuma: "I apologise...
Tamale Mirundi Gives Perspectives into Stories Making Headlines
Mirundi: A medal is meant to be an award of excellence. These medals are not. I do not want your medals. If you gave me one, I would throw it in the toilet
Tamale Mirundi on Besigye, Museveni and Bobi Wine in Kyadondo East race