Tamale Mirundi Interviews Muyanga Lutaaya
Tamle Mirundi's perspective on the current political situation in Uganda
People who work for the government only have one mentality, a salary and a car. When we get tired of the Katikiro we just beat him, that's how Baganda work. The Buganda kingdom is very democratic, the role of selecting a kabaka rests on the council. If you impregnant a girl and...
Muyanga Lutaaya : What do you know about the late Ivan Ssemwanga? Tamale: Nothing. That's not my line of work. I'm not a pauper. We grew up in fear, we were brought up never to take free things. You can't even pick money on the road. But as a human...
The difference between this generation & that of Ssebaana is that they were not thieves.
Prime Minister holds talks with leaders.
"Togikwatako" nga eri mu buliri?
Tamale Mirundi: Once Kale Kayihura's contract is renewed, you won't see 'notices' threatening people again. Mafia is in Mengo, in church and everywhere. Once they attack you, you can't do anything. "
Mirundi: Mbabazi and Besigye can't allow Museveni to celebrate victory for a long time. Now police is investigating FUFA
Tamale: Some people think if someone is fired, they have to replace them with their own. Do you think we are sleepy? Mafias think that where there is money, it's only 'them' allowed to hold such positions I wrote about the future Ugandans are talking about years ago
The solutions for land problems in Uganda should be violence and witchcraft.