“In economics, it’s not the nominal salary you get that matters. It’s the nominal divide by prices. So if prices are going up & nominal is not increasing, your actual money in terms of what you need to survive is going down” - Dr Fred Muhumuza, Economist
“I said I won’t use my money to guard results. The 1% I got was carried by President Museveni & the EC because I never put in agents. If I’d put in agents, maybe it would have risen to 5%” - Prof. Venansius Baryamureba, Former VC Makerere University
I’ve never worked with NRM, people need to know that the treaty the established the EALA assembly is very critical. This government (NRM) can’t constitute the 9 members of the assembly alone, it needs opposition members as well.....
There is no connection between MTN yellow and NRM yellow
When feminism came to Africa a lot of attention was not on equality but on understanding cultural practices that were repugnant to the development of women. Some practices in Africa have actually been progressive.
Is he resigning as ordered by a section of NRM members?
She narrates how she fell in love with Uganda when she came for a tour.
You never choose to be a liberation fighter, but you become a product of social conditions and conditions obtainable in South Africa were conditions of many years of repression.
A controversial politician from Northern Uganda who has not worked anywhere apart from parliament. He became MP at 23 years on graduating with a bachelors degree in Political Science. Otto is a blunt politician who is not afraid to shoot down verbally President Museveni, Amama
Face Off with Banyenzaki, Former MP & Minister, Business man & Director Operation wealth Creation
What i did for Mbarara Municipality speaks for itself, the projects that came to Mbarara during my time are there, i don't need to talk about them.
"Parliament is becoming almost meaningless. The bar of leadership is being lowered so low, anybody who is well balanced will not run for parliament."