Uganda Martyrs day 20918, Rukungiri by-election, 2018/2019 budget, Government re-introduces speed governors on the roads
Appointment of ambassadors UCE Results
Katusiime: This is a boda boda economy; boda bodas are a necessary evil. I think Janet M7 is detached from ordinary world
Sabiti Joseph: Police say they killed attackers at the palace of Omusinga but we are not seeing dead bodies. Where are they? #NBSUpdates
Media colleagues analysing the major events of the week.
Bichachi: I think that even before Muntu went out for consultations, the delegates had already made their decision and he should have respected that.
#HowMuhangaGot10Bn M7 sacking health workers Kazibwe for AU job
Martin Owor (Commissioner Disaster MGT): The chief administrative officer is on the ground and two other teams have left for Bududa. Brig. Steven Oluka is arriving on the scene.