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"We want the president to talk about many things, the country belongs to all of us, not just one person. He needs to talk about our children because everyone matters."
Canary Mugume: All traffic guidelines here in Kyaliwajjala have been reversed, traffic is flowing normally. Tororo diocese pilgrims are waiting for a bus to pick them up, some are still fetching water, but I certainly can’t estimate the numbers.
The president was the one intimidating us with security, they brought too many soldiers, all villages were filled with soldiers. They brought those big guns and when villagers see these, they get scared.
Mildred: Why was Nalufenya closed? Hon. Kania: Nalufenya is a police station like any other police station in the country. All our police stations have detention centers, what the public was complaining about was the alleged torture chambers.
The guys torturing me would change but I remember Bekunda, Muhangi wd be supervising the torture, they would just come in and tell me they need 500 M or else I would never see sunshine again. They even never masked, they just came the way they were.
Dr. Daniel Okello, Director KCCA: We’re treating it with the seriousness it deserves. The vulnerable areas are people who live a long water bodies or people who live close together like in slums.
How can the African continent of 1 billion people import human capital from a sugar cane island that has 11 million people?