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Police has rescued property of Boda Boda 2010 in Makindye. But some furniture has been broken, nothing has been burnt yet.
Boda boda rider: I was very happy when they arrested the Boda Boda 2010 but we still don't understand why IGP denied them at first but then later came out to take responsibility.
Imam Kasozi: Religious leaders have stood with the people. The people's voice is known. If they want, let each one of us ask people to choose "yes" or "no" after our respective prayers
"I also saw Kifeesi trying to show that they are reformed people and we are trying to find out who they are. What I know is about one "Serunjoji" who was convicted and is supposed to be in Luzira. We're working w/ officials to find out how he got...
"If Museveni assents to this bill and declares that the term of office of current MPs has been extended by two years, I will retire in May 2021. People of Mukono sent me to Parliament for 5 years"
Hon. Hussein Kyanjo on the Highs and Lows of 2017.
Rwomushana: There was a coup against the sovereignty of people of Uganda. People's sovereignty has been taken away by this scientific coup Kasacca: This bill came for the #AgeLimitBill and I think some of these things came as a support for the bill to excite MPs. There must be some...
Two studies have been released; a citizen's perspective study was released & overwhelmingly shows that over 85% don't support the removal of age limit. Yesterday, another study was released following MPs engagement and how they are likely to vote
RPF Marks 30yrs in Existence.
There is nothing extra-ordinary today. Whether the bill will be on the order paper, that's the prerogative of the speaker. If the bill is tabled, it will go though the whole process