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International Human Rights Defenders' Defenders Day Celebration
The supremely talented a capella group The Harmonics sample Xmas carols that they will perform at #GreenXmas18thDec.
How can human rights defenders be best protected?
The role of equal opportunities Commission in promoting Human Rights
Lwanga says he is hoping to get back into journalism next year after his surgery. "I still have the passion for journalism but will be more careful this time round.I am ready to get behind the camera."
Billion Lotto Now Accessible on MTN and Airtel
Winners of MTN Women In Business awards, Susan Ajok & Barbara Ofwono talk about WiB Awards & MTN's support 4 women entrepreneurs. Susan Ajok: MTN Uganda recognized my work because of our unique use of ICT; bringing technology into hands of young people Barbara Ofwono (CEO Victorious Schools): MTN's WiB made...
10 years of excellent in the hotel business
How can we prevent domestic violence?
Mariam Wagadaya (Deputy Inspector General of Government): "We are sufficiently empowered but not to our satisfaction"
Tamale Mirundi: I told people that the 1st Lady shouldn't have been appointed Min. of Educ. That ministry is full of land-mines "MAK strikes started becoming rapid when they started becoming more innovative. People don't want M7 to celebrate his success" If you're fundraising for marriage, do you go to the...
Mirembe Villas team talks to Isabella Tugume Mirembe Villas has introduced 'Christmas and New Year' promotion packages
People are terrified, families are grieving and continue to question how the army attacked people with simple weapons at the palace.
Two Shot Dead at Juma Seiko's Gate