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Ministry of Gender to expand the social protection program among the vulnerable.
Muyita says that apppeals are still streaming in. As of yesterday, we had 49. The High Court has cleared nearly 80% of the petitions. By September, we expect all petitions before High Court to be completed. The money and the judges are ready.
The age limits debate, has President Museveni consented to it? UNRA Demolition process on road reserves. Boda boda legalisation.
Museveni Defends Kiboko Police. MPs to Resist Land Act Amendment. FDC Leadership in Crisis Meeting.
Understanding the Social Protection Programme.
Analysis of world affairs especially the US Elections
South Sudan Refugee Influx, Police op on the list of Human Rights Violation, Court throws out Sarah Opendi from parliament
Bailout Question, Kyankwazi Fatal Accident, Government Falls Out on Equity, UPC Delegates Conference
Kiki kyoyiga mukigenda mumaaso ? -Ebokuwa bamusiga nsimbi sente -Olusinkano lw'aba minisita -Olutalo e South Sudan
Billion lotto is both entertaining and developmental. Get engaged and get the benefit.
Gavimenti okuyamba ba musigansimbi abaweddemu kinayamba eggwanga?
Uganda National Academy of Science on their journey of promoting the use of science inĀ  country's development.
Tamale Mirundi's Perspective on Current Affairs