Government priorities and expenditures MPs under scrutiny for foreign trips
Salaamu Musumba: We (FDC) have been fighting, blown our trumpets and now the (Elders Forum and Uganda religious council) have woken up when it's too late.
Police brutality debate Was President Museveni right to fire health workers at Mpumudde Health Centre? Will this government take Uganda to a middle income country?
Norbert Mao: The State needs the media and the media needs the state. There are contradictions that are normal between the state and the media. The media also has its pulse in the people. This regime is being challenged by people who used to praise it.
Who arrested Besigye at Entebbe airport Analysis on the defiance campaign
Norbert Mao: I visited Bududa during the last serious landslides in 2010, it’s very sad, we have the capacity to predict these kinds of disasters by empowering our communities to cope. We can’t predict the weather much but we should always have the capacity to respond