Dr. Obuku: Those threats are unfortunate and they will not work. Doctors have had broken promises and they don't trust the salary review committee. The doctor is unique in the service sector. At night, day, weekends, on call
We have to recognize that it's indeed not the length of time you stay here, but what you have used your years for. We must appreciate Mowzey's contribution and the impact he has created #NBSFrontline #RIPMowzeyRadio.
To amend or not to amend the constitution? First 100 days of Hakuna Mchezo
The '6 Billion Hand Shake' under scrutiny The analysis UPDF reshuffle
Teddy Cheeye: Opondo is a victim of what he doesn't understand. The ideology of Museveni's government is a bandit system that uses people, dumps them and uses others. I reached an extent of calling President Museveni but he wasn't picking my calls. I foolishly landed myself to prison. I used the...
Government priorities and expenditures MPs under scrutiny for foreign trips