In a bid to create awareness about single use plastics, we continue to bring you alternatives for ‘Kaveera’. Victoria Bagaaya spot checks Kalerwe market.
The people of Lusanja have no hope for the future after they were evicted from their homes, their hope lies with the president to look into the land matter.
Farish Magembe: Residents of Kimaanya in Masaka municipality are now living in fear after being invaded by gunmen. Some residents say the attackers are moving in a group of four possessing guns and machetes.
Simon Peter Kinobe: everybody is concerned by those acts of violence, this happened sometime last week and we as Uganda Law Society are prepared to go to court, but we were given assurance by the UPDF that those people will be brought to book.
Canary Mugume: On the waters, there are UPDF marines parading the bridge at all times to ensure safety. If anything ever happens, there’s security on the bridge and on the water.
Hakim Kanyere: After 4 and half years of construction, the technical team has assured people that the bridge is ready for use. Quite a number of residents in Jinja have been going there in the evening to witness the cloud testing.
Government has called off negotiations for the de-gazetting of Apaa land, disbanding a 16 member committee instituted by president Museveni to solve the long running feud between Amuru and Adjumani.
Kooki Chiefdom lays ground to revive its cultural norms after being suppressed by Buganda Kingdom for over 122 years.
Yusuf Nsibambi: For me it wasn’t a surprise, I would have expected this a long time ago. She has been working against time. She was drawn and trapped in a political conflict where she isn’t supposed to be as an implementing officer.
Gerald Matembu: The tension in Bududa is reducing, people are coming to terms with the death of their loved ones. But we've received information that cracks have been sighted in another sub-county.
Victoria Bagaaya: It’s been 4 days since the alleged unlawful eviction of people in Lusanja. Residents have been sleeping here since Friday last week. People are still here and do everything communally.
Benson Ongom: When you go to the relevant offices to inquire about this wetland, nobody seems to know what is happening but again, nobody seems to take it up for investigation. Why is the Municipal authority not taking any action in this specific regard?
Hakim Kanyere: The market sits on 4 acres of land and over 2000 vendors who operate from here are about to be evicted but where they’ll be taken is discussion for another day.
Benson Ongom: This year, the government passed a supplementary budget to compensate the people of Amuru on land matters but what is shocking is that those who are being compensated are politicians and not the real landowners.
Death toll rises as search for victims continues
Town clerk accused of incompetence, abuse of office.