Yusuf Nsibambi: For me it wasn’t a surprise, I would have expected this a long time ago. She has been working against time. She was drawn and trapped in a political conflict where she isn’t supposed to be as an implementing officer.
Gerald Matembu: The tension in Bududa is coming down, people are coming to terms with the death of their loved ones. But we've received information that cracks have been sighted in another sub-county.
Victoria Bagaaya: It’s now 4 days since the alleged unlawful eviction of people in Lusanja. Residents have been sleeping here since Friday last week. People are still here and do everything communally.
Benson Ongom: When you go to the relevant offices to inquire about this wetland, nobody seems to know what is happening but again, nobody seems to take it up for investigation. Why is the Municipal authority not taking any action in this specific regard?
Hakim Kanyere: The market sits on 4 acres of land and over 2000 vendors who operate from here are about to be evicted but where they’ll be taken is discussion for another day.
Benson Ongom: This year, the government passed a supplementary budget to compensate the people of Amuru on land matters but what is shocking is that those who are being compensated are politicians and not the real landowners.
Death toll rises as search for victims continues
Town clerk accused of incompetence, abuse of office.
Gerald Matembu: Mbale produced the first speaker of Uganda during post-independence that's why the town is significant
I don’t know if this is a drainage channel or not because all I see is Kaveera and clogging. People are cleaning their immediate surrounding(which is good) but they end up dumping the rubbish in the drainage channels.
Following the Ghetto youth fund, youth in Mbale are bitter that president M7 only thought about Kampala, they urge him to extend these funds to other parts of the country because they also have ghettos.
This year's theme: Enhancing value addition through industrialization
Kalandazzi swamp on Masaka road has now become a serious black spot. In a period of just 12 months, over 14 people have lost their lives in the same place.
Arua 34 treason suspects are expected to appear in court today. The court is slated to start at 9 am but we already have people streaming in.
Yesterday evening, Toyota showroom on 2nd street industrial area caught fire, they don’t know what exactly caused the fire but investigations are still ongoing. Everything is in total shambles. But the management says that after investigations are concluded, they’ll hold a press conference and inform the public about what...
Mistrust among Democratic party members continues to create factions and split-outs within the party.
Hakim Kanyere: In Jinja, a section of FDC, supporters over the weekend celebrated the departure of the Muntu camp, they have denounced the Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru saying that him being close to Muntu signifies him leaving.
Solomon Muyita: The issue of elevation of Justice Remmy Kasule hasn’t yet reached our desk, the president has the right to appoint other justices to the court but I’m also aware that we don’t have the budget, chambers and logistics to that court.