Boda boda rider: I was very happy when they arrested the Boda Boda 2010 but we still don't understand why IGP denied them at first but then later came out to take responsibility.
Kenya Presidential Polls Update
UCC Speaks Out on Illegal Broadcasters
Solomon Muyita (Comm Officer Judiciary): We have 14 justices to handle the cases but one of them was nominated as Electoral Commission chairperson. If endorsed, we will remain with 13
Hon. Ssekitoleko: I'm happy that I'm going to discuss my Bill that seeks to raise retirement age of judges and justices today. One of my core functions as an MP is to initiate Bills that will prompt development in the country.
Lwanga says he is hoping to get back into journalism next year after his surgery. "I still have the passion for journalism but will be more careful this time round.I am ready to get behind the camera."
Making Ends Meet in Rwanda
Morning Traffic In and Around the City
"In Uganda, refugees wonder about. It's hard to differentiate them from the local people. If you didn't know that this was a refugee camp, you would think it's a small village. Some of them are transacting businesses & others are being leased land to grow crops.
Cecilia Ogwal speaks out on the standoff between parliament and the public.
FDC spokesperson Ssemujju Nganda updates on search for new party president
Mariam Wagadaya (Deputy Inspector General of Government): "We are sufficiently empowered but not to our satisfaction"
Canary Mugume is reporting live from Bakuli Mengo round-about for a quick traffic update
Hakim Kanyere: Buwenge Police Station in Jinja faces eviction after several months without paying rent; members of the public want to fundraise for police to clear its rent arrears.
What does Mugabe's resignation mean?
Spot Check on City Buildings With No Parking.
Suicide bombers attacked the main peacekeeping base in Somalia's capital, killing at least three Somali security officers. The powerful blasts damaged the front of the nearby Hotel Peace, though there were no immediate reports of casualties there. The burned-out shell of one of the wrecked vehicles lay outside.