Albert Byaruhanga (Project Manager Karuma Dam): "We have received an impact assessment report detailing whether the cracks will affect the longevity of the project" Albert Byaruhanga (Project Manager Karuma dam): We have had some delays, the contractor is making sure that we catch up with the project timeline. A lot...
Boda Boda Leadership Reacts to IGP's Call for Registration
About 500 students could miss graduation. VC Sentamu says the 30 students who approached him over missing results will be given transcripts but will graduate in 2018.
Jordan Mubangizi: We saw Asians presenting their side of the story yesterday. There is a bitter wrangle between Asians and the local communities. Bamasaba believe that they should be given their land back as Asian continue to repossess property
The polling station still not very populated
Emilian Kayima (Chief Political Commissar Kampala Metropolitan Police): The crowds at Makindye court probably wanted to see what was happening at court. Police was there to ensure security for all. What we saw was a little bit of too much excitement Our officers looked on. They took appropriate action given...
Makerere University lecturers miss November salaries
I don’t know if this is a drainage channel or not because all I see is Kaveera and clogging. People are cleaning their immediate surrounding(which is good) but they end up dumping the rubbish in the drainage channels.
Ibrahim Bbosa: For immediate effect, the sale of new sim-cards has been put on hold, if the system is in place today, we shall begin the sale of airtime today, if it’s done in a month, then we shall be patient and wait for the system.
Farish Magembe reports: Gunmen attacked hardware shop in Masaka yesterday around 8:30PM, they over powered the guard and two people were shot dead. Currently security officers are at the scene.
South Africa Mourns Anti Apartheid Icon
Solomon Muyita (Comm Officer Judiciary): We have 14 justices to handle the cases but one of them was nominated as Electoral Commission chairperson. If endorsed, we will remain with 13
Canary Mugume is spot checking "Ki-Mombasa" in Bwaise: "This place got its name from two sex workers who used to travel from Kampala to Mombasa to transact their 'business'" #NBSMorningBreeze
A woman born without arms who uses her feet to provide food & shelter for her 3 children.
Government has called off negotiations for the de-gazetting of Apaa land, disbanding a 16 member committee instituted by president Museveni to solve the long running feud between Amuru and Adjumani.
Ab'e Masaka bagamba togikwatako abalala bagamba bagikwateko