Bodies of fallen soldiers arrive today.
He calls it a PR stunt which unfortunately violates the law
Cracking the whip on road reserve encroachments.
It was a sad moment yesterday. There was an attack that happened in Apaa and one person was severely injured.
Patrick Onyango: Charles Berwanaho was arrested on the 7th of August 2016 because his file had been filed with cases of forgery and others. What we did was arrest him and on the 9th he appeared before Buganda road court and he was remanded. Charles Berwanaho: I’m not surprised...
Albert Byaruhanga (Project Manager Karuma Dam): "We have received an impact assessment report detailing whether the cracks will affect the longevity of the project" Albert Byaruhanga (Project Manager Karuma dam): We have had some delays, the contractor is making sure that we catch up with the project timeline. A lot...
Age Limit report expected today.
Early Morning Traffic Flow in Kireka
Sheila Kawamara (Activist): If Hon. Ronald Kibuule assaulted the female security officer, he should resign. This is not the first time Kibuule has acted in such manner. He once publicly said men should rape women who are wearing short dresses.
Bbosa: It could have been a joke where people think that OTTS is about "wolokoso" but i could also supplement that with a joke, now that the government of Uganda is getting taxes from social media, then maybe we shall not be seeing the closure of Social Media.
Hakim Kanyere: Dr. Lulume Bayiga was yesterday given a cash bail of UGX1.8m by Lugazi Grade I Magistrate. His health is not good, we were told that he has complications in the back
Jinja residents excited about plans for city status
Sabiti Joseph is talking to Emmanuel Dombo who quit the NRM EALA primaries election race
Canary Mugume is spot checking "Ki-Mombasa" in Bwaise: "This place got its name from two sex workers who used to travel from Kampala to Mombasa to transact their 'business'" #NBSMorningBreeze
Ugandan Pilgrims in Holy Land of Jerusalem
Water, Food Shortage Hits Masaka