The failure by local Commercial Banks to reduceinterest rates has had a great impact on the economy. Many businesses according to Professor Augustus Nuwagaba are closing due to failure to repay their loans. But many are wondering why commercial banks do not sneeze even when the central bank reduced...
As various political changes take place in neighboring African countries, the heat seems to be rising even back home. Various political happenings have caused many to starting thinking about 2021 even when it is true that Uganda came out of elections hardly two years ago Mildred Tuhaise looks at...
Canary Mugume in Nalukulongo: This place has evolved and improved over time. Private investors have developed this place & this have benefited people. The housing here is better than that in 'Ki-Mombasa', Bwaise.
What does Mugabe's resignation mean?
"In Uganda, refugees wonder about. It's hard to differentiate them from the local people. If you didn't know that this was a refugee camp, you would think it's a small village. Some of them are transacting businesses & others are being leased land to grow crops.
The campaign period has been going on very well. Unfortunately, campaigns happened when there were some other political activities taking place.
Samson Kasumba is at Iran-Uganda Medical Centre in Naguru where police officers are offering medical services to patients following #DoctorsStrike.
Canary Mugume is spot checking "Ki-Mombasa" in Bwaise: "This place got its name from two sex workers who used to travel from Kampala to Mombasa to transact their 'business'" #NBSMorningBreeze
It was a sad moment yesterday. There was an attack that happened in Apaa and one person was severely injured.
Hakim Kanyere: Buwenge Police Station in Jinja faces eviction after several months without paying rent; members of the public want to fundraise for police to clear its rent arrears.
Bahati Remmy in Washington DC talks to #NBSMorningBreeze on preparation ahead of Thanksgiving day this week on Thursday.
Teopista (Kisenyi resident): The single roomed house costs UGX120K per month. It's not a lot, the demand is high. We don't discriminate, Ugandans and Somalis are charged the same amount
Canary Mugume at Kamwokya Primary school says 176 pupils are prepared for PLE and they begin with MATHS.
Kenya Election under way
The polling station still not very populated