Two studies have been released; a citizen's perspective study was released & overwhelmingly shows that over 85% don't support the removal of age limit. Yesterday, another study was released following MPs engagement and how they are likely to vote
The private sector foundation is pushing for the skilling of graduates if they are to stand a chance at competing for jobs in the labour market. Private Sector Foundation Executive Director Gideon Badagawa says employers struggle simply because potential simply do not have what it takes to be employed.
Why road carnage on Masaka road?
It is another vote of confidence in our judges and judiciary. There is market for our judges. People look at our judges as people of integrity
Jordan Mubangizi: We saw Asians presenting their side of the story yesterday. There is a bitter wrangle between Asians and the local communities. Bamasaba believe that they should be given their land back as Asian continue to repossess property
Dalton Kaweesa in Nsambya and Samson Kasumba in Nakawa spot-checking some of the dark spots in the city
When this Magyezi moved motion to get leave to table that bill, it became controversial. A stage was set to fight it and It started off from the wrong side
Effects of Road Construction in the City.
Spot Check on City Buildings With No Parking.
The failure by local Commercial Banks to reduceinterest rates has had a great impact on the economy. Many businesses according to Professor Augustus Nuwagaba are closing due to failure to repay their loans. But many are wondering why commercial banks do not sneeze even when the central bank reduced...
As various political changes take place in neighboring African countries, the heat seems to be rising even back home. Various political happenings have caused many to starting thinking about 2021 even when it is true that Uganda came out of elections hardly two years ago Mildred Tuhaise looks at...
Canary Mugume in Nalukulongo: This place has evolved and improved over time. Private investors have developed this place & this have benefited people. The housing here is better than that in 'Ki-Mombasa', Bwaise.
What does Mugabe's resignation mean?
"In Uganda, refugees wonder about. It's hard to differentiate them from the local people. If you didn't know that this was a refugee camp, you would think it's a small village. Some of them are transacting businesses & others are being leased land to grow crops.