Canary Mugume: All traffic guidelines here in Kyaliwajjala have been reversed, traffic is flowing normally. Tororo diocese pilgrims are waiting for a bus to pick them up, some are still fetching water, but I certainly can’t estimate the numbers.
The president was the one intimidating us with security, they brought too many soldiers, all villages were filled with soldiers. They brought those big guns and when villagers see these, they get scared.
Patrick Onyango: Charles Berwanaho was arrested on the 7th of August 2016 because his file had been filed with cases of forgery and others. What we did was arrest him and on the 9th he appeared before Buganda road court and he was remanded. Charles Berwanaho: I’m not surprised...
Ben Ongom: The state of roads in Gulu is the same as in other districts, people are still struggling with the road network and no proper drainage. The roads that link to other districts are worse.
We have a 51% gap of health workers not being recruited, the 200 cubans, are they going to be doing the work of the 1000 and so doctors? However, is this the solution to the problems that face our health system?
Vincent Mugabo: Every trial has cost implications but what is important is that the citizens of Uganda learn about the court proceeding and how they’re running.
He says the procedure was not followed.
Dr. Deus Muhwezi: Evening programs were not scrapped like the media has been reporting, they’ve been made business of colleges and the university will only manage the day program that runs from 8am to 5pm.
Hon. Moses Balyeku: The yellow camp has been growing stronger and stronger ever since we launched the campaigns and as I speak today, we’re leading and we’re certain we shall achieve victory come Thursday.
Ibrahim Bbosa: For immediate effect, the sale of new sim-cards has been put on hold, if the system is in place today, we shall begin the sale of airtime today, if it’s done in a month, then we shall be patient and wait for the system.
Canary Mugume: The sewage and water pipelines that had been there for more than 80 years couldn’t hold the sewage from Upper Kololo anymore. But we want to come to a conclusion that the new pipelines were actually installed.
If something is brought to police and is not claimed for 6 months, OC writes to court and the court bailiff comes and auctions.
Water shortage Hits Lwengo District.
S.4 results for 4,500 students withheld. 31,000 students pass in division 1.
School Year Calendar Starts.