Child neglect has been ranked highest on the list of the worst forms of human rights abuses for a couple of years. The cases are reportedly high in Eastern Uganda, with many caretakers stranded with children.
An 80 old year woman is battling a strange disease for five months now that has severely affected her skin. For all this time, she has been nursing her pain at home due to lack of finances.
Health officials in the Elgon region are worried about the measles outbreak that so far have caused more illness than at the same time last year. The airborne disease had been confirmed after several tests were done.
Kampala's Flood Prone Areas Aftermath.
Innovation and creative ideas stirred by the 21st century technological evolutions may see Uganda register a milestone in technological industrialization across the globe. In your Story today, Paul Kayonga narrates how a Ugandan youth led hi-tech hub has successfully designed and set to produce a Ugandan made mobile phone.
Irene Mulyagonja on Investigating Bank of Uganda.
A recent report by civil society budget advocacy group CSBAG indicated that Tororo municipality is among the dirtiest in the country. But resident disagree who do not agree with the findings, are blaming town dwellers of failing the municipal authorities in their effort to clean the town.
Graves of the first British Commissioner to Teso district and an Indian coolie, who died during the construction of the Uganda railway, are on the verge of being lost forever. The graves are unattended to below Soroti’s Opiya rock and failure by the Soroti municipal council to maintain the...
The possibility of having to live without seeing is a topic many fear to discuss. However this is the only world Ali Muzamiru has known all his life but this impairment couldn’t even stop him from leaving his dream and being awesome while at it. Muzamiru has defied odds...
At the height of the dotcom boom, the Internet cafe's future looked assured and it seemed that every Café would have customers. Around Universities it was a must for most students to do research, type and print their course work in café’s. Today, majority university students have Internet access...
Kampala is increasingly becoming one of the most dangerous places to travel by foot. Pedestrians account for the big number of fatalities in the country, and these have served as a wake up call in a city that is struggling with traffic congestion and air pollution. Richard Oyel looks...
Meet Caroline a Community and Hospital Pharmacist.
Museveni Tasks Police to Handle Kidnaps and condemns Domestic Abuse Against Women.
Parents and School proprietors in Busia district are wondering what next, especially after government closed their schools. They are wondering why public Schools, which are in more dire conditions, remain open. David Ochienge tells this story.
Majority Ugandans seem to be resorting to herbal medicine, even without seeking attention from medical doctors. And this of course is raising debate as to whether herbal medicine if more effective or actually people are simply looking for alternatives. Ruth Nantaba tells this story.
Investments sometime come with several opportunities that such investments normally present. But in Mbale, much as many are hoping to get jobs from the Mbale Investment Park, some residents are still demanding for compensation.
The creation of new districts in the country has left quite many in mummers of the significance of those created districts and if the core target – service delivery is achievable with the creations. But as the talk goes on, someone is making a catch out of this. Sheila...