Schools in Hoima District are closing down to avoid the risk of Chimpanzee attacks on lives of pupils. The species are reported to raid siege on villages, and schools during school days taking toddlers hostage.
Bobi Wine Visits his Battered Supporters in Hospital.
23rd Empango Celebrations live in Fort Portal - Spot Check
Mbale Property Owners Protest Bad Roads
Poor Waste Management a Challenge to Soroti.
Over 40 Homes Share One Toilet in Ganda
High Typhoid Cases Worry Kamwenge Residents
Crowded Fuel Stations Pose Risk.
Lira People Embrace a Mango Tree Salon.
Everything a Leader Does Should be Representation of the People.
Brain Stimulation Offers Hope for Children.
The water hyacinth, a free-floating perennial aquatic plant native to tropical South America, is suffocating Lake Kyoga, in Serere District. Fishermen who depend on this lake for survival are now worried that there livelihoods will be affected.
Residents most especially road users in Namayingo district are threatening a violent demonstration over a bad roads in the town council. They say that the town council is not bothered about the bad roads including the one in front of the council offices that is now impassable. Sylvester Oundo...
The Amuru land wrangles are far from over. The Amuru district Chairman Michael Lakony has written to Ministry of Lands, asking government to halt any compensation plan, citing intimidation and irregularities during the surveying exercise. The locals have however turned against the district leader for blocking their compensation accusing...
Bashemeire Stella's Story on her life and Job.
Child neglect has been ranked highest on the list of the worst forms of human rights abuses for a couple of years. The cases are reportedly high in Eastern Uganda, with many caretakers stranded with children.
An 80 old year woman is battling a strange disease for five months now that has severely affected her skin. For all this time, she has been nursing her pain at home due to lack of finances.
Health officials in the Elgon region are worried about the measles outbreak that so far have caused more illness than at the same time last year. The airborne disease had been confirmed after several tests were done.