Built for the purpose, and indeed its serving a purpose though contrary to what it is doing. Now Nakapiripiriti market was built to accommodate vendors but it has turned into a toilet facility. The vendors deserted the market preferring to continue with life on the town streets and neigbouring...
Doctor Using Football to Give His Old School Face-lift
Many Ugandans do not know about mental illness – they only know madness. They use the word to describe someone who is possibly running wild, throwing stones, attacking people, or engaging in some bizarre and scary activity. But the number of people with mental problems in Masaka has increased....
Streetlights in Tororo town have not been working for the last four months; raising security worries as shops close early due to darkness. The town was disconnected due to accumulated bills amounting to eight million shillings. David Ochieng shares the story of what businessmen and Women are going through.
My job is my life. We hear this statement from people we know who work long hours and do it all again the next day. Well Zuraika Birungi opens up about her job.
Crime in Kawempe keeps resurfacing day by day, rendering all effort by Police and area leaders to reduce crime rates difficult. Local leaders blame crime rates on drug abuse.
Memories of the Kasese attack are still fresh in the minds of the wives, children and relatives of the palace victims. It is an incident that the locals in Rwenzori region cannot forget. It is a time that many still narrate with a tearful face. But with a number...
Sheema still has no name of its own.
Residents fetching water from stagnant pond due to water shortage.
MAK students living with disabilities decry challenges.
Eng. Abbas Ssemujju a man who deals in glass, aluminium and stainless steel.
Mulago Hospital Refurbishment on Course
Famine fears arise as drought hits Isingiro again.
Bwaise Road Construction Works Complete