Residents of Kiwunya in Kampala are grappling with garbage that is posing health risks. Residents here dump anywhere so long as there is no body seeing them, and dumping has now become part of their culture.
The Tororo Municipality Mayor John Opio is coming up with solutions to support the street kids and also reunite them with their families. The plan to resettle the increasing street children is expected to not decongest the city but also ensure a clean town.
Serere district in Eastern Uganda is currently experiencing worsening insecurity, which local leaders are blaming on the high unemployment rates among the youth. Police records show that most of the crimes being committed are involving the youth.
Mbale stadium is one of those football stadiums in Uganda, where hundreds of talents have been born and natured. But this stadium is now in a sorry state and in this story told by Lubega Ibrahim, stakeholders are calling for government intervention.
Going to the hospital is kind of an easy practice and probably it is something most people are used to whenever they are sick. But many rarely check for their blood groups and as a result they are ignorant about its purpose. Violet Namata tells us why it is...
Kasule Lumumba and Tanga Odoi on NRM Fired Workers.
The Makerere University guild race is heating up and those vying for the position of guild presidency are busy canvassing for votes.
Land wrangles in Teso region are on the rise again with big shots in government especially the ministry of lands being named in land grabbing. Eddy Enuru tells this story………..
The year 2018 is probably not starting on a good note for Karamoja as many NGOs continue to pull out of the region. Most of these NGOs have been covering livelihood and wash projects but they have gone leaving the people still vulnerable. Authorities say most NGOs come to...
Many parents give birth to autistic children and reject them oblivious of their abilities and the difference they can create in society. However 37-year-old Jackline Musimenta has come to appreciate and train these special children. She shared her experience with Violet Namata about that development disorder characterized by troubles...
At this time of the year, a number of people who made New Year resolutions have probably forgotten that they even set goals. But just like the New Year resolutions, others have dreams that have lived for years. Sheila Nakabuye tells the story of john Baryaiza who chased his...
With the increasing rates of unemployment among the youth, job creation has been encouraged by the experts to curb the rates. Twenty Four year old Onesmus Rutalo decided to start shoe shinning along Mulago road in order to earn a living. Patience Ndinawe now reports.
Whenever Karamoja is mentioned, many people think of hunger, malnutrition, poor weather patterns and street children. But there are also many good and unique things about Karamoja. Richard Oyel explores the beautiful side of Karamoja in his story.
A 10-year-old boy in Tororo municipality has appealing to young people to always help their parents before making it to school always. Herbert Mwendya a P.6 pupil at Rock view primary school begins his day by taking animals for grazing, washing utensils and fetching water before going to school.
Henry Kyemba on the life of Archbishop Janani Luwum
Using a computer is always a challenge to people especially those in rural areas. Few of those who have got the computer basics at hand have earned themselves a living through burning music CDs and playing Music at weddings. This is likely to end especially in Kikagate sub county...
On your story this afternoon, Jonah Kirabo tells the story of a University student who has defied odds, to become of the rising female DJs in the country. Pofia Nankya, a journalism student at Kampala international University opened up about her love for entertainment.
This afternoon, we tell a one man's story of reintegration with the modern world after spending month in jail. James Opoka opened up to us on Your story…….