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She doesn't regret doing this job since she can take care of herself and her daughter
As refugees from South Sudan continue to trickle into Uganda in large numbers, the roads have become terrible with the coming of the rain. To make it worse food is not enough
Have you ever wondered how the many dozens of mad men unattended to on the streets survive, today we trail a mad man to know how his day goes.
Arapai market is the market which all residents of this place don't miss. Items such as second hand clothes are sold.
He started meat roasting job as last resort but does not regret the decision in-spite of the setbacks
Supervising of students to become mandatory
Ugandans are asking, "If they touch it then what?", I already know what we are going to do.
The young doctor from Iran was talking of up and down, I hope the down is not from Uganda
Kiyimba Amon advises the youth not to minimize any job
Omukulembeeze wegwanga leero atuziza omumyuka wa senkulu owettendekero lye Mbarara namukutira okukola ennyo ateera nokutumbula obuyiya mu bayizi.