The young doctor from Iran was talking of up and down, I hope the down is not from Uganda
Kiyimba Amon advises the youth not to minimize any job
Omukulembeeze wegwanga leero atuziza omumyuka wa senkulu owettendekero lye Mbarara namukutira okukola ennyo ateera nokutumbula obuyiya mu bayizi.
Kamuli district sinks deeper into poverty as investors rent or buy off land to grow sugarcane. Rural communities consisting of subsistence farmers are left with no source of livelihood after the money received is used up.
"If you don't like what you see in the mirror, don't break the mirror. Just change what you see. If there is anything illegal I said during my concert, they should prosecute me. I've always said the same things. Stopping my music doesn't only affect me, they're blocking the...
The boda boda industry is one of the informal sectors, employing thousands of youth to fend for their families. In my job my life, we feature Benjamin Kigula a computer engineering graduate who opens up about his job as a boda boda cyclist and why it is his lifeline.
Education in Bugiri district is on a breakdown. Top private schools are shutting down after just a few years of operation. This is being blamed on mismanagement. After closure, the students are left to struggle on their own, looking for vacancies in other schools.
Today it is becoming a routine to see ambulances almost every day at any time compared to the previous times, so this brings us to a question of whether this is an indication that there is an improvement in health services or a sign that Uganda has an increased...
Pastoralists in Gomba were recently given one-month ultimatum by the national forestry authority to vacate a forest reserve or be forcefully evicted. But the pastoralists are protesting the decision asking a two-year grace period, a request that NFA denounced.
An unidentified number of cases of assault, bribery and fraud have been filed against Boda Boda 2010 – an outfit originally formed to unite boda boda riders around the country. Despite this, the group’s leaders remain untouchable – even as police distances itself from their activities. Tonight, Canary Mugume...
HIV cases on the rise in Lira and the authorities are worried
Patients in Namwendwa Sub County in Kamuli district risk death due to laxity by health workers who report late to work. Late coming at this health center IV has now become a habit, compelling patients to desperately wait for long hours to get medical attention. Joel Kafuko tells his...
Budaka MP Cry Out to Kagina over Poor Road in Her Constituency
The grace period is over, and Tororo market vendors have to vacate and pave way for the construction of the new market. But the vendors are still asking for more time from Municipal leaders. The construction works have dragged for years, and finally the authorities have agreed to roll...
In my job my life, we feature Yasin Bakulu, who opens up about his job and how it is making his life tick.
In Kamwokya, Eddy Kiseka brings what locals are going through daily, especially those sleeping near drainage channels.
The Housing crunch in Masaka Municipality is forcing people out of town. Farish Magembe tells the story of how residents struggling to cope with the demands of landlords who are increasing rent charges whenever they wish.