We have two fuel stations that are setting the prices of fuel in the Ugandan market. Shell and Total, yesterday evening prices did shoot up, this means that the 100 shillings price that was proposed has been implemented. The big story in France is Waste Management. How they are...
Local Council Elections analysis, Social Media Tax, UIA mess
The google search engine is so Over The Top, i don't know why they are putting it at a higher pedestal than facebook, twitter among others.
We saw the letter on social media but I can not determine if it is a hoax or fake because it didn't have a URA logo.
Tamale Mirundi's perspective on current affairs
My situation is not good and it should not be a surprise when God calls me now.
If anyone disorganizes or disrupts the LC1 elections, they’ll have to wait for the next election, they won’t have an LC1 until the next elections. That’s why I insist that the success of this election largely rests on the voters.
General Kale Kayihura is well, he’s so disturbed by the falsehoods going on in the media, this is the 8th day... We’ve had a number of visits with him, he’s in Makindye military barracks with a house, a bedroom and a sitting room, he’s not in a cell. He’s...
This road(ExpressWay) doesn’t allow boda bodas so it can really get risky when your car breaks down, the road is really lonely after 8 pm and your only option is either stay until morning or call a friend to help.
I’d like to appreciate the president for being here and speaking to the nation about the current state of security. This is in his mandate.
NRM candidate Faith Alupo has been declared the Woman MP for palisa district following the disqualification of FDC's Catherine Achola. The announcement was made by the district returning officer Charles Robelo shortly after receiving a disqualification notice from EC head office.
There were mixed reactions from those who sat to listen to the president’s speech on security especially on his solutions to end criminality
As the president took to parliament to address the nation on the state of security ,miles away in Arua, the family of slain former Arua municipality mp remained caught up in triple tragedy ,living in fear , slapped with huge debts as they try to cope with the loss...