I’d like to appreciate the president for being here and speaking to the nation about the current state of security. This is in his mandate.
NRM candidate Faith Alupo has been declared the Woman MP for palisa district following the disqualification of FDC's Catherine Achola. The announcement was made by the district returning officer Charles Robelo shortly after receiving a disqualification notice from EC head office.
There were mixed reactions from those who sat to listen to the president’s speech on security especially on his solutions to end criminality
As the president took to parliament to address the nation on the state of security ,miles away in Arua, the family of slain former Arua municipality mp remained caught up in triple tragedy ,living in fear , slapped with huge debts as they try to cope with the loss...
It is foolish for anyone to think they can destabilize this country using weapons. We have an all-weather capacity to prevent any aggression or any terrorist campaign against us
I had assumed that the police force full of educated people would handle crime... Why should they be bothering an old man like me to go and look for criminals
The problem we have is that we need to sensitize the public about interfering with the scene of crime. When you bring the dogs afterwards, the dogs can’t sniff anything because very many people have been there.
Since 2007, Uganda has had peace from corner to corner for the first time in 500 years after the NRM defeated the ADF, Kony and cattle rustlers. I'm standing here authoritatively, I'm a man of this area, I'm not an immigrant
The president is the commander in chief, an elder who had been here longer than some of us and our parents, he knows these things and we can’t wait to hear from him about the security situation in the country. The role of police is like the role of...
Onlooker at the scene of Abiriga's shooting narrates
All road users are advised to adhere to the above traffic flow guidelines to avoid inconveniences and whoever contravenes with these guidelines will be dealt with in accordance with the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.
Bank of Uganda seeks 500 Billion for recapitalization
Live updates from Baheesi hostel close to MUBS in Bugolobi where there has been a fire outbreak