Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi: I want to be buried in white. All people must be in white or else I will jump out of the coffin and attack them. #NBSPeopleAndPower #RestInPeace
She advocated for women the right to divorce impotent husbands, crusaded for castration of defilers and held her own against certain vices in her time as of Ethics and Integrity minister and beyond. The eccentric "political evangelist" Miria Matembe takes us through her personal life
Cranmer Kalinda, a passionate author, tells his story
Dr. Muhammad Kiggundu; My tenure came when diplomacy was possible. Strikes are important when you have no other alternative left
Unfortunately nobody ever laid a finger on Kiggundu being corrupt
Nasser Ntege Sebaggala as businessman boosts of 10 million US dollars in local and International investments
Innocent but was incarcerated as an ADF Rebel Suspect; Issa Sekitto's story
Prof. Ruth Mukama, the second female professor at Makerere University, tells her story.
Drashna Kotecha (Dir. Midland Group of Companies; Rainbow international Sch, MIDCOM, Pearl Dairies)
Hon. Joyce Mpanga on journey of her life
Prof Mondo Kagonyera an academician, a two time chancellor of Makerere University and former minister speaks out
I have been able to sustain because I do things professionally.