Labour and How to Prepare For It
Patriko: Sometimes it is good to effect threats. If you tell a child that "I will beat you" and you don't, they get used to it.
Dr Daniel cautions parents on unnecessary giving of their kids medicine, this damages their brains he emphasizes
Lucky: The show will focus on everything about health
Nabassa: Miscarriages are caused by many things but most of it goes back to lifestyles. Dr. Kiggundu: A miscarriage may happen if the embryo is not stable enough to develop into a fetus. (If you remember biology). Also the growing liberty to eat whatever we want to eat may affect a...
Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
Lucky: I advice people to watch the NBS Health and Lifestyle show because people need to know about their health. It is about me giving people information, and them deciding what to do with it.