Live updates from Baheesi hostel close to MUBS in Bugolobi where there has been a fire outbreak
For decades of Uganda’s colonial and postcolonial reign, Port Bell, Uganda’s biggest water transport facility on Lake Victoria dominated regional and international trade patterns. The port that fetched, at it’s prime over 2 billion shillings monthly, has since been reduced to a shed of buildings and a shadow of...
Dr. Daniel Okello, Director KCCA: We’re treating it with the seriousness it deserves. The vulnerable areas are people who live a long water bodies or people who live close together like in slums.
Solomon Serwanjja tells what happens when construction companies blast rocks for infrastructure development "Lives are part of the ruins," he says
How can the African continent of 1 billion people import human capital from a sugar cane island that has 11 million people?
I hear some people talking nonsense... I am paid 3.6M as my salary, some public servants get 40M, 50M. Authority doesn't depend on salary. Even when I am paid less, I am the President.
President Museveni: I wanted to bring Cuban doctors because our own doctors behaved very badly and unprofessionally... The doctors who went on strike made me want to go back to the bush.
Govt has been using mobile money as well. This endeavour is stoppable, MPs should know that this affects them as well because they'll need to send money to their relatives in the village and they can only use mobile money.
Bukenya Grace: There was no torture room in Nalufenya, people would be picked and then dumped back, Mr. Galabusi was tortured from Jinja road, he lost a finger and the private parts cut off, he even called his wife a sister, by the time that happens
Dr. Obuku Ekwaro: We have not yet understood the details of this importation of 200 cuban doctors. We’re interested in competing for equal pay with the cuban doctors. We’re excited that somehow government has discovered money to pay more than 200 cuban doctors.
Dr. Kizza Besigye on Current State of Affairs in the Country
Cheptegei emotional as he meets his family on his return from Australia
I want to clarify that we didn’t have any sex for marks scandal and the person isn’t a lecturer, he’s a member of staff.
I've not been hiding. You should ask the president’s office, his men always listen to my phone calls, they always know where I’m.
Government has finalized plans of hiring Cuban medical doctors with the intent of filling the gap of inadequate medical specialists in the country. According to the deal, Uganda will hire at least 200 doctors. Both the Minister for Public Service Muluri Mukasa and the State Minister for Health in...
I want to clarify that we didn’t have any sex for marks scandal and the person isn’t a lecturer, he’s a member of staff.