Sudhir: My lord, this lease was granted… Lady Justice Bamugemereire:…in error — should will let this error continue when we call ourselves a country of rule of law? Sudhir: Let the law follow its course.
Teenage marriage is a culture with a very negative impact he says.
Despite efforts by the government to avail cheaper agricultural credit through the Agricultural Credit Facility (ACF), a few farmers have taken advantage of the facility to boost productivity.
The report on the controversial neurosurgery at the Mengo neurosurgical camp has been released indicating that while the operation was successful, the hospital failed to manage patients in the Intensive Care Unit leading to the death of some of them.
A somber mood continues to linger over Rubaga cathedral as fans continue to mourn their star Mowzey Radio. The body of the late is heading to the cathedral to celebrate a life that lived for a short life yet touched the lives of many."
We must continue to invest in all our energies to ensure that all boys and girls continue to attend and finish school