Hon. Kyagulanyi: To the citizens of Uganda, we are in this together and when we stand together, we shall be able to liberate our country. This is not about one person, it is about all of us.
The FDC has launched a new campaign taking over from the flopped “Togokewatako” aimed at mounting pressure on the ruling government to drop the newly approved constitutional amendment to lift presidential age limit and increment of tenure for legislators. The opposition group accuses government of marginalizing its citizens and...
Douglas: "I & Kats have come a long way, and being on the same show is already big, you shd expect the biggest show. The entertainment command centre starts with @nbstv, you don't have to switch channels to get the best entertainment" MC Kats: "It's all happening today at...
The report on the controversial neurosurgery at the Mengo neurosurgical camp has been released indicating that while the operation was successful, the hospital failed to manage patients in the Intensive Care Unit leading to the death of some of them.
Our evidence of malpractice is not only against Mwiru, also some security officers were not neutral to all sides.
I am ready to be president. I have represented workers for long. I know their plight.
Revelers who had gathered at Kisumali night club located along Kayunga Roads to usher in the New Year survived death minutes when the pub mysteriously caught fire shortly after midnight. Mukono police fire brigade arrived in time to put out the fire but couldn’t save the grass roof. No...
We must continue to invest in all our energies to ensure that all boys and girls continue to attend and finish school
Despite efforts by the government to avail cheaper agricultural credit through the Agricultural Credit Facility (ACF), a few farmers have taken advantage of the facility to boost productivity.
Sudhir: My lord, this lease was granted… Lady Justice Bamugemereire:…in error — should will let this error continue when we call ourselves a country of rule of law? Sudhir: Let the law follow its course.