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Dalton Kaweesa is spot checking Nakawa where the metallic box business is booming right now due to the back to school season.
Dr. Gerald Karyeija: The reason for reforms in government and the agencies should not be to save money, but to get value for money. When you retreat a state, it feels like it has been kidnapped, what the government is doing is recapture the kidnapped state, increase its control...
Farmers in Masaka fault wealth creation programmes
Hakim Kanyere: All roads is Busoga are leading to Busese where the Kyabazinga thought right to celebrate his 4th coronation anniversary. Preparations are in high gear, everything is almost in place for the coronation anniversary.
Yusuf Sserunkuma: Conspiracy theories are unavoidable in a situation where there is a vacuum of information. They're are never wrong, they come as a way to explain things. 6 years down the road & we don’t have a clue of who has committed the 19 high profile murders.
Dr. Mayambala: Interventions can be made on levels of detecting crime, acting on that information and capturing the criminals. The short term strategy for me should be in the area of intelligence gathering and community policing.
.@OfwonoOpondo: Yes we want the international community to see us in good light but what do the Ugandans want? Ugandans know the government means well even when mistakes are made.
Hon. Francis Babu: What happened in Arua was very unfortunate and we need to sit down, identify and find out how to unite this country.
We have to give credit where it is due, whereas all government institutions are broken, Uganda prisons is still standing. They professionally handled us and it's from prison that i discovered I had a dislocated arm.
Kayondo: I think social media will continue to grow in its usage, so I don’t think the president can neglect that aspect. The heart of the conversation is that we’re seeking a new level of trust with government because everything is about trust.
Hon. Basalirwa: It’s not a new phenomenon but for us who have been here, we’ve been telling people to know that power belongs to the people, they need to understand that if it’s administration of justice, it must be done for the pple and in the name of the...
We also call upon the public to respect the rights of lawyers because we speak for the voiceless. Lawyers should never be attacked for doing their jobs.
Barbie Kyagulanyi: I got communication that my husband would be brought here and we’re hoping to see him here. I just can’t conclude on what will happen, let’s just go in and see what will happen in court.
Pamela Ankunda: Everybody should be bothered by fake news because its outcomes are worse, it destroys society and creates tension. If something untrue goes out, it creates panic and it’s not only a Ugandan thing, it is a global problem.
Hon. Hussein Kyanjo: There’s a division inside government, one section is supporting the president, another group isn’t supporting the president and aren’t against him, but they can’t reach him to give him advice. Today, we don’t have politics any loner, we’re in a military government trying to show that...
Dr. Obuku Ekwaro: We want to do our duty as doctors to provide care to victims of torture but we've been denied access to the victims, we attempted to access Hon. Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) on Saturday but in vain.
Dr. Tanga Odoi: Bobi wine isn’t a thug and aggressive as people say he is, he’s very intelligent. We didn’t prepare properly, and we have lost in areas we shouldn’t have lost. It’s the same issue we had in Bugiri, we had a very good candidate. The current dispensation...