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This show runs from monday to friday and helps you start your day fully informed of what is going on in the country

The politics of age limit, Redemption of Mabirizi, Tax, why you will have to pay more, When courts do politics, Deep inside the mud, gold remains gold
The week's major stories - Fake Hepatitis B vaccine, Bank of Uganda saga
Samuel Opio: Attributes of a counterfeit medicine are; - The vaccine may have no ingredients - It may have the incorrect ingredients - It may have the wrong ingredients - It may have false packaging - There could be Impurities in it
The president goes to that place and boldily says give me a sleepy MP instead of an active opposition MP, what does he think of the electorate in Jinja east when even his police force can’t drive through the roads?
I don’t want to discuss the details but two foreigners died at two different hotels
What is your view on President Museveni not being comfortable with religious leaders who speak politics?
OPM can tell us how many refugees are in Uganda by a click of a button. People are asking if the number of refugees in Uganda is real and they are raising a good question
"We lost a life which caused a country to mourn. What we are looking at is the situation and the several controls. In Uganda, musicians are making a lot of money for government & should be looked at as an item that needs to be organized & protected"
Mowzey Radio didn't fight at all. This man Troy grabbed him and threw him down. The picture circulating is of the person who killed Radio. I can't forget the face of the man who killed my brother
Police has rescued property of Boda Boda 2010 in Makindye. But some furniture has been broken, nothing has been burnt yet.
Boda boda rider: I was very happy when they arrested the Boda Boda 2010 but we still don't understand why IGP denied them at first but then later came out to take responsibility.