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We saw the letter on social media but I can not determine if it is a hoax or fake because it didn't have a URA logo.
If anyone disorganizes or disrupts the LC1 elections, they’ll have to wait for the next election, they won’t have an LC1 until the next elections. That’s why I insist that the success of this election largely rests on the voters.
General Kale Kayihura is well, he’s so disturbed by the falsehoods going on in the media, this is the 8th day... We’ve had a number of visits with him, he’s in Makindye military barracks with a house, a bedroom and a sitting room, he’s not in a cell. He’s...
This road(ExpressWay) doesn’t allow boda bodas so it can really get risky when your car breaks down, the road is really lonely after 8 pm and your only option is either stay until morning or call a friend to help.
I’d like to appreciate the president for being here and speaking to the nation about the current state of security. This is in his mandate.
The president is the commander in chief, an elder who had been here longer than some of us and our parents, he knows these things and we can’t wait to hear from him about the security situation in the country. The role of police is like the role of...
Dr. Daniel Okello, Director KCCA: We’re treating it with the seriousness it deserves. The vulnerable areas are people who live a long water bodies or people who live close together like in slums.
How can the African continent of 1 billion people import human capital from a sugar cane island that has 11 million people?
Govt has been using mobile money as well. This endeavour is stoppable, MPs should know that this affects them as well because they'll need to send money to their relatives in the village and they can only use mobile money.