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This show runs from monday to friday and helps you start your day fully informed of what is going on in the country

The Makerere University non-teaching staff strike Kayihura court case KCCA Feud
Hon. Francis Babu: What happened in Arua was very unfortunate and we need to sit down, identify and find out how to unite this country.
The numbers are coming in thick and fast. The preparations have been done very well and over 20,000 plastic seats were brought in yesterday
Mark Tabaruka: Government hospital in Rukungiri is abandoned especially the out patient section but what I can confirm is emergency medical services are being offered.
We have done investigations and found out that beef products were being contaminated with chemicals. What we are doing now is enforcement to ensure standards are met and we are sensitizing the public
Robert Kirunda: I want to say this, under no circumstance anywhere in the world should people think that attacking the convoy of the president should happen.
Paul Bwiso, CEO Stock Market Exchange throwing light into the question of companies bailout
It’s not my responsibility to announce the LC1 results but so far we’ve received results from half of the villages across the country, from this half, it shows NRM is above the rest.
With this amendment that has given President Museveni 14 years on top of the current term, he will be very tired -- he would be good for ceremonial roles but now he will still be head of state .
One on one with Dr Kizza Besigye
Hon. Nambooze: Never in my six years as MP have I asked to go abroad for treatment but this time, I had to travel. At Mulago, the one machine that was needed to carry out tests given my condition had broken down 2 years ago.
Pamela Ankunda: Everybody should be bothered by fake news because its outcomes are worse, it destroys society and creates tension. If something untrue goes out, it creates panic and it’s not only a Ugandan thing, it is a global problem.
"We want the president to talk about many things, the country belongs to all of us, not just one person. He needs to talk about our children because everyone matters."