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Prof. Mwambustya Ndebesa's Perspective into Age Limit Debate
Sex has become the "Hi5". In our days, sex was a very sacred venture. But now they are having sex at lunch time, in cars etc If you have a sexually transmitted degree, you will have a sexually transmitted job and you will need sexual transmission to sustain it
"The arrogance of some Ugandan thinking they are powerful is a fallacy. The law will take its course"
Update Security Situation in Kasese
Prof Ogenga Latigo Speaks Out Against Age Limit Debate
Does the political atmosphere warrant a discourse?
Dr Murray: GSK is on a mission to conduct more research in Africa to better understand the health needs of particular countries like Uganda. GSK is aware that some of our products are very expensive. We're reducing the price of many products to make them more affordable
First of all, let's all be sympathetic to all the families that lost their loved one We are living in a country run by people who have a military state of mind. Kingdoms were reinstated in the country, again, in a militaristic manner.
"The drainage system around Clock Tower is terrible, it becomes worse when it rains."
Nurses and Midwives Call Off Planned Strike.
Njala: Do you think the media gives more publicity to the enemies of state? Bantariza: Who are the enemies of state? Njala: Opposition.
It is diversionary from original meaning of this day.
Njala: How could you betray Bobi Wine and support Kantinti well knowing he is a strong candidate? Besigye: Kantinti was treated unfairly by the court and the system.
I agree with people who are angry about the oil cash bonanza because there was no transparency. Social media is very effective but Ugandan social media prefers emotions to facts In my opinion, there are over 1000 things President Museveni is doing wrong.
Sam Sserunkuuma (Director of Revenue KCCA): "We have moved away from bank payment forms and adopted automated payment"
A tale of how multinational companies are exploiting Ugandans
People are terrified, families are grieving and continue to question how the army attacked people with simple weapons at the palace.