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The president is now bigger than he was when he was still a fighter, he’s now adopted the antics of the former dictators. He can now refer to himself with all threatening names, he can even call himself school fees because that’s now more threatening.
The polling station still not very populated
Hon. Centenary: "For many years, UPDF was guarding the palace. How come they had no intel of this so called 'militia' in Obusinga?"
Sabiti Joseph: Police say they killed attackers at the palace of Omusinga but we are not seeing dead bodies. Where are they? #NBSUpdates
The opposition rejects the Kenya elections results
Early Morning Activities in Fort Portal
Death toll rises as search for victims continues
The private sector foundation is pushing for the skilling of graduates if they are to stand a chance at competing for jobs in the labour market. Private Sector Foundation Executive Director Gideon Badagawa says employers struggle simply because potential simply do not have what it takes to be employed.
UCC Speaks Out on their Plans and Challenges
Njala : Are land titles issued by Buganda Land Board fake? Hon. Baryomunsi: Yes. They are fake
Francis Oketcho, NRM candidate in the Bugiri municipality election: I think people have been reporting what isn’t on ground, I’ve been in this campaign for the past 3 years building networks and structures on ground.
What is your view on President Museveni not being comfortable with religious leaders who speak politics?