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This show runs from monday to friday and helps you start your day fully informed of what is going on in the country

Godber Tumushabe: The UPDF is a stronghold within the region even with the inevitable challenges they are faced with. The economy is growing but the population is not growing at the same rate with the economy's growth.
Traffic Congestion on Different City Roads
Western Youth MP, also chairperson of the Uganda Parliamentary Youth Forum, says government should set up a youth development bank to ease credit access for youth. Mwine Mpaka says inaccessibility to cheap credit continues to accelerate youth unemployment and poverty in the country. This as the Forum hosts the commonwealth...
Spotlight on the Current Political Trends
The latest is that Gen. Kale instructed us not to apply for habeas corpus, he believes in the revolution & the struggle, he still believes in his commander in chief & the institution of the force. As a disciplined officer, he chose to keep quite.
The People Power group that came from Kampala have a case to answer in my lay view.
President Museveni's first 100 days, constitutional amendment and national dialogue
New Controversy Hits Cancer Institute
Airtime retailer: The sales from selling airtime have reduced now that we’re using electronic recharge. The profits on the scratch time cards were quite significant and we’re being affected.
State of Current Political Affairs and Projections into the Future
The numbers are coming in thick and fast. The preparations have been done very well and over 20,000 plastic seats were brought in yesterday
"Parliament should allow the due process of court to be followed. Let everybody submit themselves to authority of court"
We have two fuel stations that are setting the prices of fuel in the Ugandan market. Shell and Total, yesterday evening prices did shoot up, this means that the 100 shillings price that was proposed has been implemented. The big story in France is Waste Management. How they are...
Land Probe Commission Camps in Mbale.