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This show runs from monday to friday and helps you start your day fully informed of what is going on in the country

Kiconco: Nothing serious was mentioned in our president's labour day speech. Kenya's pres announced 18% increment in minimum wage" Rwomushana: When Musisi became KCCA ED, she didn't 1st table a master for Kampala but a package of renumeration & bonuses
Dr. Obuku Ekwaro: We have not yet understood the details of this importation of 200 cuban doctors. We’re interested in competing for equal pay with the cuban doctors. We’re excited that somehow government has discovered money to pay more than 200 cuban doctors.
Police arrests two of the gang leaders. NBS reporter severely hurt during the arrest.
Our reporter Allan Darren in Gabon gives #AFCON2017 update ahead of today's Uganda Cranes game against Ghana.
Hon. Hussein Kyanjo: When the president says he signed the #MobileMoneytax in error, it means 2 things; -he doesn’t consult his advisors -he has always signed laws in error without comprehensive information about that particular topic.
I agree with people who are angry about the oil cash bonanza because there was no transparency. Social media is very effective but Ugandan social media prefers emotions to facts In my opinion, there are over 1000 things President Museveni is doing wrong.
Is the curtain falling for Uganda's oldest political party?
Joseph Sabiti in Kigali: "The system here is tight; for you to call yourself an investor, you have to be a real one & not by Kampala dictionary. There's a one stop center for all business registrations that helps to streamline these process" Sabiti Joseph on traffic in Kigali ahead...
Airtime retailer: The sales from selling airtime have reduced now that we’re using electronic recharge. The profits on the scratch time cards were quite significant and we’re being affected.
KCCA Council Meet Debates Park Yard Market Row
If something is brought to police and is not claimed for 6 months, OC writes to court and the court bailiff comes and auctions.
Prof Kanyeihamba says the continuous appointment of NRM cadres to office has killed the country.