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This show runs from monday to friday and helps you start your day fully informed of what is going on in the country

"Our committee of rules works of the direction of the house which basically depends on the Speaker"
Dr Spire Ssentongo: "Only language government seems to hear is strikes. After Makerere University, we might see more strikes in other public institutions"
Walking the Bible with Africa One Tours and Travel
Dominic Semukuutu: We are now signalizing 13 junctions in Kampala city and 6 major roads are being renovated
Will ICT driven innovations propel Uganda into a middle income status
"Ibrahim was a giver. If you claim to be Ibrahim's descendants, learn how to give and actually give. Don't just pretend to give," Deputy Supreme Mufti, Sheikh Muhamud Kibate, while addressing Muslims at Kibuli mosque.
Assessing the Up country Security Situation.
"If police are denying that there is no torture in Nalufenya, why can't they allow doctors & lawyers to talk to suspects?" #NBSMorningBreeze
"Urban planning has gone to the dogs that's if it still exists. That is why places like Kiwatule are the way they're"
Ndebesa on appointing the Kyabazinga: The most controversial bit is electing a cultural leader to the post. Kings are not supposed to beodered around. Babu on appointing Kyabazinga: We have a constitution. So the question we should be asking is; Is it offensive to the constitution? Babu: The Kyabazinga is a...
DP is already on board, we are engaging FDC. The majority of Ugandans do not want age limit removal, should they change the constitution, a referendum will be plan B
Media colleagues analysing the major events of the week.