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Mr. Kwesiga: In our individual capacities, let’s do something for the people of Bududa, we’re launching a national appeal to support the people of Bududa.
Hakim Kanyere: The market sits on 4 acres of land and over 2000 vendors who operate from here are about to be evicted but where they’ll be taken is discussion for another day.
Benson Ongom: This year, the government passed a supplementary budget to compensate the people of Amuru on land matters but what is shocking is that those who are being compensated are politicians and not the real landowners.
Death toll rises as search for victims continues
Hon. Betty Nambooze: Since September last year when we had that scuffle with SFC, I’ve been down. Originally I had a problem with the spine but I now have issues with my left knee. Several medical procedures have left me in this wheelchair as you can see.
Martin Owor (Commissioner Disaster MGT): The chief administrative officer is on the ground and two other teams have left for Bududa. Brig. Steven Oluka is arriving on the scene.
Amb. Olara Otunnu: You do not launch any dialogue without first agreeing on the ground laws, if you don’t do that, you’re inviting a disaster, we want the dialogue to be clear and deliver results.
Hon. Rhoda Kalema: I think my first interest in politics and independence of African countries was when Ghana gained her independence in 1957. In Uganda, the political parties which were already starting like DP and UPC had started to push for independence.
@HakimKanyere: Four people were arrested last week in relation to the recent gun violence in Jinja. Preparations are in high gear to parade these criminals.
Francis Kanakulya: We’re having so many issues with this ban, communication in Uganda is a little tricky and some of the traders are stuck with cars at Mombasa, they don’t know what to do.
@jordanmubangizi: In Sheema North, people are excited that they’ll be replacing their recent legislator Elioda Tumwesigye today, security is tight because they want to make sure the election process carries on smoothly.
@SheilaTMugisha: Yesterday, we managed to move around Kyotera and talked to the locals, they still face issues like the HIV prevalence rate among others. But they’re happy because the area has access to the water.
Gerald Matembu: Mbale produced the first speaker of Uganda during post-independence that's why the town is significant
Henry Kasacca: They (MPs) have been wiped. Secondly, you can tell that they don’t know the impact of this tax. We are a growing democracy and some people haven't realised that their actions have consequences.
Gen. Muntu: If we handle it properly, it’ll be an advantage for both of us to take the direction we both want to take. By the nature of the contradiction between the 2 strategies, there wouldn’t be a problem, it’s the management that had a problem.
Amb. Birigwa: We’re not in a crisis, we’re undergoing a change, there are certain people who have decided to move and that is allowed. For those of us who have remained, we’re trying to be strong enough to take power.
Bichachi: I think that even before Muntu went out for consultations, the delegates had already made their decision and he should have respected that.