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Hon. Abdul Nadduli: I called a press conference to advise not only Hon. Kamya but the enactors of this project, the things they are initiating are constitutional.
UPDF will as well continue working hand in hand with Somalia forces to make sure Somalia gets rid of the Al- Shabaab. We could easily see some of the galant men return today and they’ll be received in honor and given a decent send off.
The bigger challenges of the economy affect the asset qualities of the bank. Before you blame the bank, you should look at the economy. The economy is actually in problems and the financial sector is directly linked to the status of the economy.
The week's major stories - Fake Hepatitis B vaccine, Bank of Uganda saga
Samuel Opio: Attributes of a counterfeit medicine are; - The vaccine may have no ingredients - It may have the incorrect ingredients - It may have the wrong ingredients - It may have false packaging - There could be Impurities in it
Dr. Deus Muhwezi: Evening programs were not scrapped like the media has been reporting, they’ve been made business of colleges and the university will only manage the day program that runs from 8am to 5pm.
The president goes to that place and boldily says give me a sleepy MP instead of an active opposition MP, what does he think of the electorate in Jinja east when even his police force can’t drive through the roads?
Kateshumbwa: This conference doesn’t happen annually, it’s once in 2 years and every time we’ve had this conference, a lot of development takes place and it's enriching. There’s a lot of useful improvement that follows after the conference.
Hon. Moses Balyeku: The yellow camp has been growing stronger and stronger ever since we launched the campaigns and as I speak today, we’re leading and we’re certain we shall achieve victory come Thursday.
Ibrahim Bbosa: For immediate effect, the sale of new sim-cards has been put on hold, if the system is in place today, we shall begin the sale of airtime today, if it’s done in a month, then we shall be patient and wait for the system.
Canary Mugume: The sewage and water pipelines that had been there for more than 80 years couldn’t hold the sewage from Upper Kololo anymore. But we want to come to a conclusion that the new pipelines were actually installed.