Morning Breeze

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Sabiti: Paidha has a combination of people. People here are predominately business people and smuggling is common Magembe: Security still beefed up in Masaka.
The numbers are coming in thick and fast. The preparations have been done very well and over 20,000 plastic seats were brought in yesterday
"The remaining meat is preserved very well on the hooks... I have never seen or used formalin myself -- some people have been using it to kill some pests but we can never use formalin to preserve the meat"
Security situation in Masaka
he people who attacked me spoke in English reflecting they had some bit of Education, they looked descent, probably reflecting the current state of youth unemployment...
This law was assented to by the president stealthily. We thought it was still a bill. We're gathering our brains together to see that we do a thorough job to challenge this law. We're still working individually but we're going to conglomerate together.
Imam Kasozi: Religious leaders have stood with the people. The people's voice is known. If they want, let each one of us ask people to choose "yes" or "no" after our respective prayers
"I also saw Kifeesi trying to show that they are reformed people and we are trying to find out who they are. What I know is about one "Serunjoji" who was convicted and is supposed to be in Luzira. We're working w/ officials to find out how he got...
DP has become like a social club. We are just attending funerals and other social gatherings. I'm sure if I died, Mao would give me a befitting farewell.
Ugandans should celebrate with the little they have. It's not easy to survive for 365 days under the regime of Museveni.
"If Museveni assents to this bill and declares that the term of office of current MPs has been extended by two years, I will retire in May 2021. People of Mukono sent me to Parliament for 5 years"
Kampala Transport Fares After Christmas.
Assessing the Up country Security Situation.