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Jotham Taremwa: Anyone can observe elections: The voters have a mechanisms to qualify and disqualify the elections not the observers.
Solomon Muyita: The issue of elevation of Justice Remmy Kasule hasn’t yet reached our desk, the president has the right to appoint other justices to the court but I’m also aware that we don’t have the budget, chambers and logistics to that court.
Francis Oketcho, NRM candidate in the Bugiri municipality election: I think people have been reporting what isn’t on ground, I’ve been in this campaign for the past 3 years building networks and structures on ground.
Imam Kasozi: African leaders commit the same mistakes over and over. They fear the people they lead, they lie to us, they cheat the people they lead, we haven’t obtained value for money over all the projects we’ve embarked on, majority of our MPs are hopeless.
Sabiti Joseph: Why should I discuss Gen. Kale Kayihura? Kale should enjoy his dance, I wish him well in his holiday in Makindye. What are we going to say to men who were held under CPS for years without appearing in court, to the Muslims who were cut, to...
Hon. Hussein Kyanjo: When the president says he signed the #MobileMoneytax in error, it means 2 things; -he doesn’t consult his advisors -he has always signed laws in error without comprehensive information about that particular topic.
The latest is that Gen. Kale instructed us not to apply for habeas corpus, he believes in the revolution & the struggle, he still believes in his commander in chief & the institution of the force. As a disciplined officer, he chose to keep quite.
Hon. Cecilia Ogwal: Giving me an armored vehicle will not make me work better. It will actually be separating me from the people that sent me.
Ibrahim Bbosa Manager consumer affairs UCC: It’s important o underscore that the communications sector is undergoing a technology phase, we’re looking at the date of 31st July where scratch cards will last be used.
MPs to get security pick ups, LC 1 elections SHOW MORE
It’s not my responsibility to announce the LC1 results but so far we’ve received results from half of the villages across the country, from this half, it shows NRM is above the rest.
Largely it went well, people exercised their rights. The turn up was largely good.
The MPs will get the security pickups depending on the level of threat
We have two fuel stations that are setting the prices of fuel in the Ugandan market. Shell and Total, yesterday evening prices did shoot up, this means that the 100 shillings price that was proposed has been implemented. The big story in France is Waste Management. How they are...
The google search engine is an Over The Top, i don't know why they are putting it at a higher pedestal than face book, twitter among others.