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Hon. Centenary: Team Muntu was a task team that was supporting him to retain the presidency and when the task is done, the team is disbanded.
Hon. Amuriat Oboi: We expected this because right from the elections of last year, there was bound to be a split. There were some founder members who were uncomfortable with the election results. But this is going to be a test of good leadership.
Hon. Lydia Wanyoto: I want to say that this initiative is only pronounced in Kampala and Wakiso district. Many young people have not received the presidential donations and need support however there government structures for young people.
Enock Kusasira: This is for all Ugandans, I can’t really call it private but there’s going to be cost sharing, the patient is going to pay a certain amount. Those who can’t pay will be worked on.
I don’t mind if we were running an administrative budget of so much if we had our children going to school and learning, if the health centers had the services.
Following yesterday’s night scare at Hon. Winnie Winnie Kiiza1's home in Kasese, we came to realize that members of the home had fled, no one is home as we speak.
Sheila Nakubuye: Elioda Tumwesigye faithfuls are now in the Naome Kibaaju camp.
SSP Kayima: @HEBobiwine is returning home after 19 days and of course we know that as a politician, maybe he might want to return in pomp and glamour, we have intelligence that there was a lot of mobilization to welcome him.
Farish Magembe: In Masaka: I’ve noticed that very few children have reported back to school, parents haven’t yet indulged in taking their children back to school for the third term.
Don Wanyama: What we believe is that there’s a trade relation between Uganda and the EU, and we believe there must be a respectful interaction. Some of the issues they’re talking about are contested issues and they’re in courts of law.
Mildred: I think we need to get out of the reactive mode. AIGP Kaweesi was killed and SIM cards were registered, Col. Abiriga was killed and hoods were banned, Kirumira has been killed and now we have to register boda bodas...
Dalton Kaweesa is spot checking Nakawa where the metallic box business is booming right now due to the back to school season.
Dr. Gerald Karyeija: The reason for reforms in government and the agencies should not be to save money, but to get value for money. When you retreat a state, it feels like it has been kidnapped, what the government is doing is recapture the kidnapped state, increase its control...
Farmers in Masaka fault wealth creation programmes
Hakim Kanyere: All roads is Busoga are leading to Busese where the Kyabazinga thought right to celebrate his 4th coronation anniversary. Preparations are in high gear, everything is almost in place for the coronation anniversary.
Yusuf Sserunkuma: Conspiracy theories are unavoidable in a situation where there is a vacuum of information. They're are never wrong, they come as a way to explain things. 6 years down the road & we don’t have a clue of who has committed the 19 high profile murders.
Dr. Mayambala: Interventions can be made on levels of detecting crime, acting on that information and capturing the criminals. The short term strategy for me should be in the area of intelligence gathering and community policing.