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Francis Gimara: In the constitution of America, their laws are being litigated whereas Ugandan laws aren't taken seriously. "Rule Of Law report is not negative. If Uganda Law Society is going to keep quiet on the rule of law, then we are doomed" "In this report, we noted some positives; like...
Analysing the Security Situation in the City
Kaweesi Murder: The Hard Political/Security Questions
Rwomushana: "Besigye was a political commissar. He's the one who subdued and destroyed political parties for President M7"
Prof. Kanyeihamba: If parliament fails to stop M7 from taking another term, we are over 30million Ugandans
Aciro: "Over 30% Ugandans are living below poverty line and the majority are women who can't afford pads for UGX2K"
A woman born without arms who uses her feet to provide food & shelter for her 3 children.
Making Sense of EALA Voting Procedure Insight into city evictions
Kamya Speaks out on Park Yard Evictions
KCCA Council Meet Debates Park Yard Market Row