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The Makerere University non-teaching staff strike Kayihura court case KCCA Feud
Prof. Nawangwe: We want to open the university when everyone is comfortable. But the university can't take long without opening.If the university has no option, plan B has to be put in place as negotiations continue.
What impact does this trial have on security? What do you make of the paradoxes that surround IGP Kale Kayihura saga?
Gimara: What happened on Wednesday was an assault on the temple of justice & amounts to interference What happened at Makindye court was a sad moment in the history of this country. We have required an investigation. A mob showed up to object to IGP's prosecution. We all have a right...
Reading between the lines on questions and conspiracy theories surrounding Kale Kayihura trial.
State of Current Political Affairs and Projections into the Future
To say that Ugandan health workers are not concerned about patients is a misconception. We need to deal with the reasons that wear out these health workers to an extent that patients are affected. We need more health workers, better pay. Health workers are humans like everyone else. People...
What bearing does his visit and action have on service delivery (Dr Katumba Ssentongo, Henry Kasacca)
Owek. Dan Muliika: I was here in January and told you that we are going into a useless exercise of elections. Uganda is a failed state. The whole country has failed systems. The other day I saw police caning people. We have to take power to the owner and draft...
The issues surrounding the on going strikes in the public universities.
Efforts are underway to block Inspector General of Police trial
Pros and cons of the age limit scheme and what it means for this country.
Fortunate Habyara: The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) report is welcome. It is good to know our shortcomings. While the report ranks the police as number one violator of human rights, it is not as bad as it is being reported. Robert Sempala (HRJN): These reports are important but the...
Hon. Fungaroo says South Sudan was ready for independence despite ongoing conflicts, He says South Sudanese don't trust Ugandans in mediation. Involvement of Uganda in their issues raises questions ‪
Paul Bwiso, CEO Stock Market Exchange throwing light into the question of companies bailout
Pres. Museveni Endorses Tycoons Bailout. Dr Fred Muhumuza gives his insight into the matter with an economic lens.
Miria Matembe: "God must be very angry with the nature of leadership in Uganda today; poor are getting poorer. Religious leaders in Uganda ought to come out and condemn what is wrong and commend what is right. When I see President Museveni say he is rich, I look back...