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What is your take in the current stand off in the city
Why containing the former presidential candidate has become a nightmare.
Upon paying UGX300,000 for the express passport, we verify the documents and avail the passport in two days. Applicants that pay the nominal UGX150,000 now get their passports in 10 working days. We have more staff. We have done away with middle men. The process of acquiring a passport...
It is Day 2 of UCE 2016: Samson Kasumba is at Old Kampala SSS where S4 candidates are preparing for the Chemistry practical, the first exam of the day. We wish all candidates the very best as they titrate and mix.
UCC Speaks Out on their Plans and Challenges
New Controversy Hits Cancer Institute
What do do you make of new President Museveni's new love for local products?
What is your take on Uganda's post independence journey
Will the approach create any change in political landscape?
Omukubiriza w’olukiiko lw’egwanga olukulu Rebecca Kadaga asabye ekitongole kyebyenjigiriza kitandikewo essomo ly’eddembe ly’obuntu mu bisomesebwa mu masomero
Can the makeover campaign help improve the tainted reputation of the police?