Canary Mugume: On the waters, there are UPDF marines parading the bridge at all times to ensure safety. If anything ever happens, there’s security on the bridge and on the water.
Kooki Chiefdom lays ground to revive its cultural norms after being suppressed by Buganda Kingdom for over 122 years.
Yusuf Nsibambi: For me it wasn’t a surprise, I would have expected this a long time ago. She has been working against time. She was drawn and trapped in a political conflict where she isn’t supposed to be as an implementing officer.
Gerald Matembu: The tension in Bududa is coming down, people are coming to terms with the death of their loved ones. But we've received information that cracks have been sighted in another sub-county.
Simon: Are we too engrossed in politics that we’ve lost the picture? Morrison: The problem has never been politics, perhaps it is the actors in politics. The political question was finished, let’s focus on issues like tourism.
Kigozi Joe : We know that there are cases where efforts to finalize house construction have been met with financial challenges that have compromised the quality of final furnishing and this is where our partnership with Hwansung comes in.
The recent water protection directive from the president is a victory for nature, yet beneath the lines, illegal fishing is still alive on Lake Victoria and exports are fast falling. Government is therefore, at the mercy of secret illegal fishing machinery and losing the battle. Who is behind the...
Mr. Kwesiga: In our individual capacities, let’s do something for the people of Bududa, we’re launching a national appeal to support the people of Bududa.
Dr. Masaba Sowedi: Bududa disaster will recur without intervention
Hon. Betty Nambooze: Since September last year when we had that scuffle with SFC, I’ve been down. Originally I had a problem with the spine but I now have issues with my left knee. Several medical procedures have left me in this wheelchair as you can see.
Government is being challenged to enact a law that would give it a legal basis to forcefully evacuate and relocate the more than 30, 000 people living in areas on the slopes of Mt Elgon prone to mudslides. Dr. Sowedi Masaba a Lecturer at Busitema University says government needs...
NBS Face Off With Maureen Nansamba a Scientist and Ph.d Scholar.
Ensagi zino kumpi abasomesa mu masomero agasinga balina enkolagana eyenjawulo n’abazadde bwekituuka ku kusomesa abaana. Mu nkola eno abazadde abamu baliko ensimbi ezenjawulo zebawaayo abasomesa mu kyama nebatandiika okubasomeseza abaana baabwe mu nkola ya ‘kookingi’, naye abaffe, kirina kyekyongera ku mwana oba malya ga nsimbi. Ku Kyoto, awo wetuli
Ndejje University 20th Graduation Ceremony
Kkooti etaawulula emisango gyengassi egobye okusaba kwomuserikale Siraje Bakaleke kweyateekayo ngayagala kkooti eno eyimirize ssaabawaabi wa gavt okumuggulako emisango ate nemisango giyimirire okuwulirwa Omulamuzi wa kkooti enkulu Musa Ssekaana agobye okusaba kwa Bakaleke ngamba nti okulemesa kkooti ewozesa emisango gy’obukenuzi kubeera kutaataaganya mirimu gya ssaabawaabi wa gavumeenti nga nobujulizi...
Getutandise nago ga nnaku nga wetuggyidde ku mpewo abantu Musanvu be babadde baakakasibwa okuba nga bafudde oluvannyuma lw’ettaka okubumbulukuka mu disitulikiti y’e Bududa ne liziika abantu. Enjega eno egudde ku kyalo Natulumu - Bukalasi nga kirowoozebwa nti omuwendo gwabafudde gwandyeyogera. 
President Yoweri Museveni anchored his Independence Day speech on tightening security of life and property.