Sheikh Mubajje on murders: We call upon His Excellency President Museveni to use his iron hand to see that we don't go back to the old days.
One problem we talked about is crime in towns which has come up, I’ve had MPs saying they need a serious statement from the minister. I propose that I give you analysis of the security situation when I’m ready, and what we plan on doing about it.
UPC Party reacts to Abiriga murder SHOW MORE
Let us stop politicizing the murder of Hon. Abiriga. I do not believe she is capable of the brutal murder... #NBSUpdates
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Ingrid allowed to see Hon. Betty Nambooze who is being interrogated at Jinja Road police station.
Okujjukira Omugenzi Ibrahim Abiriga ne Dr. A A Kaliisa ku Ensi Nebyayo.
President Museveni: We are going to ban the covering of your heads when you are driving or on a boda.
President Museveni warns assassins: Why doesn't NRM kill MPs of opposition? If you start a war with NRM, you will lose. No body will start a war with NRM and win.
President Museveni: It is possible that some people were hating him because he was NRM. If you give a pig gold, it will not appreciate the gold... That is why some people can hate a person like Abiriga.
Parliament mourns Abiriga: A call for government to support his nine children and widow.
Sabiti Joseph takes us through the rise of Abiriga from Arua where the late is going to be laid to rest
Anger, tears as Abiriga's body arrives in Arua. Locals swarm the airstrip to have a glance at their MP in vain.
Is serving Uganda with passion and dedication a crime?
Hon. Winnie Kiiza: Here we are mourning our own... Killings will have no color, no status and no shame and the killers have no shame...