Cheptegei emotional as he meets his family on his return from Australia
Hon Nambooze grilled on the 29 million shillings age limit consultation money, she claimed she returned the money since she didn't consult...
Museveni Launches New Strategy Towards Eliminating Malaria in Uganda.
President Museveni: I think the problem with malaria is that it needs more effort than mere vaccination. We need to kill the mosquito. One way to fight malaria is to have treated bed nets.
To register as a contestant, one is required to text the KEY word “COMIC” to 8888, they will receive a confirmation message with a 6-digit code that will act as their audition number which they will present on the day of the auditions.
Liars are misleading you. They are your enemies, they are going to make you fail. Your mind is poisoned and you act on such information.
Anybody who had an idea that this was a Kayihura project, please, get it out of your head. But Kayihura was an active cadre who executed that aspect and I congratulate him.
President Museveni pledges to give crime preventers 1.3 Billion shillings in July.
Paul Mwiru declared winner of the Jinja East By-Election.
Change has been happening, probably not at the top but we are used to changes. Every-time you get a new leader, there are changes in the way things are done. Every leader comes with some fresh air and we’re yet to get that.
Kifampa: Muslims during the tenure of Kale have suffered the most, and up to now we haven’t seen any report regarding the matter. We’ve not seen any serious investigations to the perpetrators of these arrests, muslims have always been the target.
"Even if the NRM MP was sick and sleepy, he is still better than an active opposition MP, when time for voting comes... 🙋‍♂️"
Igeme Nabeta, NRM flag bearer in Jinja East by-election: To us it’s all about development, we want Jinja to move forward and we want a conducive environment for our people.
My interest in this elections is to compete for freedom, effective & honest representation. What unites Mwiru & I is bigger than me and him, we stand for the same values...