Richard Todwong: NRM is happy that the people of Arua conducted themselves well in this campaign. On his way out of the venue, the president was attacked and we are concerned as a party. Unfortunately we are getting reports that during that choas, one person lost his life.We ask...
Bobi Wine’s driver has been shot dead in Arua.
It was unfair, Police just looked on as the mob was chasing me, I had to run the 'Kisoga' way...
FDC candidate in the #BugiriElections Eunice Namatende blasts Hon.Silwany for causing commotion at a polling station, urges NRM to follow thelaws they made.
The moment FDC candidate in the #BugiriElections Eunice Namatende casts her ballot at Ndokya East Polling Station.
The moment Asuman Basalirwa casts his ballot at Naluwelele Polling Station.
Hon. Centenary victim of pepper spray by Vice Chairperson of the NRM caucus Hon. Silwany narrates SHOW MORE
The Vice Chairperson of the @NRMOnline caucus, Solomon Silwanyi shown the exit from the polling station where JEEMA president is meant to vote from. The situation is now calm.
Justice Cheborion Barishaki on Speaker Kadaga proceeding with parliament session when Leader of Opposition and some MPs walked out.
I can deliver my judgement in an empty court if there is no order. This is not a political rally. It is a courtroom. The judgement is not yours. This judgement will be delivered today during my life time. Leave the Judiciary to do their work.
I do not condone any actions of a Member of Parliament whose purpose is to curtail parliamentary procedure.
I find the extension of the term for Members of Parliament from 5 years to seven selfish and goes against the principles of good governance.
He is the first Prime Minister of India to address the Parliament of Uganda. The story of India’s own freedom struggle is intimately linked to Africa. It is not just the 21 years that Gandhiji spent in Africa, or the First Non- Cooperation Movement he led.
After independence we faced a number of issues. Fortunately we started a political army here called the NRA. This house is full of those people plus a few friendly forces.
Banayuganda katemba bamwetanide nyo, nga bangi okusingira dala abavubuka mwebaja ejamba. Zahra Namuli akuletede omu kubazanyi ba katemba amanyidwa enyo olwemombo ya ome musoga one chapatti nga amanya agobuzaale ye Daniel Kalera
nternal Security Headquarters: ISO parades suspects over a number of cases. According to the law, one is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.
They have eyes but they can’t see, they have ears but can't listen. They are playing with something very dangerous. We shall crash them. Those who are doing bad things are endangering themselves, we shall crush them.
It is foolish for anyone to think they can destabilize this country using weapons. We have an all-weather capacity to prevent any aggression or any terrorist campaign against us