President Museveni: We are going to ban the covering of your heads when you are driving or on a boda.
President Museveni warns assassins: Why doesn't NRM kill MPs of opposition? If you start a war with NRM, you will lose. No body will start a war with NRM and win.
President Museveni: It is possible that some people were hating him because he was NRM. If you give a pig gold, it will not appreciate the gold... That is why some people can hate a person like Abiriga.
Parliament mourns Abiriga: A call for government to support his nine children and widow.
Sabiti Joseph takes us through the rise of Abiriga from Arua where the late is going to be laid to rest
Anger, tears as Abiriga's body arrives in Arua. Locals swarm the airstrip to have a glance at their MP in vain.
Is serving Uganda with passion and dedication a crime?
Hon. Winnie Kiiza: Here we are mourning our own... Killings will have no color, no status and no shame and the killers have no shame...
In his own way Abiriga meant a lot to all of us
Opposition members join hands to address the public with focus on fighting President Museveni.
He threw jabs at me for the past 3 years, I only responded once. I call upon the national chairman to come solve this because I’m tired. I want to maintain my dignity as a woman in all this.
President Museveni at the Catholic Shrine: Our bodies are the temple of God and we must take good care of them. We’e going to work together with Inter- religious council so that Christians and muslims are an example for the others.
"I can see that we need to improve these grounds, the gradient is too steep, we need to work on it. About Church house, I pledged and I’ll discuss with the leaders to see how to save it. It should be the base of the church, not to be...
President Museveni and Amama Mbabazi shake hands and sing in unison at Uganda Martyrs Namugongo Shrine
All road users are advised to adhere to the above traffic flow guidelines to avoid inconveniences and whoever contravenes with these guidelines will be dealt with in accordance with the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.
At the launch of the #KampalaCityFestival we committed 500m to support with publicity & coverage of the event
Live updates from Baheesi hostel close to MUBS in Bugolobi where there has been a fire outbreak