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My father is over 85, he drives a vehicle, he has four wives, he runs his family and commands respect.
The never seen struggle for plates at Parliament.
Newly elected Igara East MP Micheal Mawanda takes oath of allegiance; earlier today amidst #AgeLimitBill debate, flashes NRM sign after.
I and my colleagues have collected a numbers of items from Catholic chaplaincy, I want to display on table a number of used cups and plates...
“It's true there were police men eating but they were not in the chapels. Utensils were in the corridor and not inside the chapels. MPs display plates they allegedly picked from the Catholic and Aglican chapels.
Tempers high as soldiers are discovered at parliament
Abriga taken away by another MP.
MPs react to alleged presence of soldiers in the parliamentary chapel.
MPs continue to raise concerns over soldiers who were occupying prayer areas at Parliament
Hon. Odonga Otto confronts Hon. Solomon Silwany for saying soldiers are arouns Parliament but they are praying. Speaker Kadaga suspends house until 2PM
Today we are going to separate men from boys. The population will know which MPs are here to represent them
Here we need a lot of time given to MPs. Five years is not enough for MPs to deliver their mandate. We are a developing country
I highly doubt if the battle is over this early. They are boasting of the numbers which we are yet to see. They are still calculating to get the required two thirds majority. They might even push it to Thursday
Age Limit debate returns to Parliament
I have found no law that stops the amendment. The question might arise on morality but there is no issues on the legality side
"This is the second time I'm being suspended from Parliament. The first time, they gave reasons. Yesterday, I think the Speaker was not following any rule in Parliament. It was just jungle law. She suspended me after adjourning the House. Because they have numbers, they don't prepare. They act...
Opposition MPs led by Winnie Kiiza are walking out of Parliament: "We feel we are not proceeding well" Some NRM MPs have been spotted occupying vacant opposition seats.
But we want this #AgeLimitBill passed before Christmas so that everyone is free of it. This issue of #Togikwatako must stop."