The Premier Classic Championship had been set to be played on a knock-out basis, however, a few revisions were made to change the format of play.

Futsal Association Uganda (FAU) is set to hold the first Futsal Championship in 2017, the Premier Classic Futsal Cup. This Cup will take place this Saturday, 14th, January 2017 starting at 8PM at the Futsal Champions Stadium, Busega.

This Premier Classic Futsal Cup, according to the FAU Futsal Development Plan, is the third highest Futsal Competition after the FAU Futsal Elite League (FFEL) and the FAU Futsal Uganda Cup (FFUC).

The Championship is set to be an annual Competition that unlike the Futsal Boxing Day Cup admits all teams including those participating in the FFEL.

It is a one day Championship with all matches taking place at a single Venue and could be the only Futsal Competition taking place at Night.

The Competition is aimed at promoting competitiveness in the Sport and to further prepare the Clubs participating in the FFEL for the upcoming season.

The need there’s is to help players advance their skills as well as build a competitive edge upon which players can be scouted and improved upon to participate in the FFEL, and National teams that will be formulated.

Teams that have already confirmed participation include; SK 13, Express Red Army, Gal Sports Betting, Seeta Galacticos, Durban Motel.

A host of more teams is awaiting confirmation with the FAU Competitions Director, Mutyaba Bashir.