UHRC: Police Tops violation of Human Rights Report.


Fortunate Habyara: The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) report is welcome. It is good to know our shortcomings. While the report ranks the police as number one violator of human rights, it is not as bad as it is being reported.
Robert Sempala (HRJN): These reports are important but the biggest problem is that we rarely see justice being served
Fortunate Habyara: A stick is a replica of a baton. A baton and a stick are all sticks. Canes are official policing tools. police gave the officers those canes to manage public order
There has never been an order form above which is illegal. Every officer has a right to reject an unlawful order.
Civilians who work with the police and break the law can be tried under the Police Act. That’s the law. If it is an issue involving the IGP, the Police Standards Unit (PSU) can ask him to respond. However, police court can’t try senior officers like IGP. They’re tried by the Police Authority Disciplinary Council ‪ Canes are among the tools that police is using now. If they were misused, that’s on individuals. IGP commended the officers for preventing people from spilling into the road but reprimanded them for beating them.