Maj. Juma Seiko in Sebei Co-operative Scandal ‪


Major JUMA SEIKO is in the spotlight for alleged miss management of the SEBEI Elgon Co-operative Union finances and properties. Farmers through the lead petitioner chairperson Chemutai Kalian accuse Major Seiko of failing to account to the members, vandalizing of the cooperative factory, illegal sale and lease of union property causing loss to the farmers.
They also accuse him of leasing out 1,700 acres of farmers land at kabuyoyon farm to private developers and selling off the union’s plot at sironko town council.They also cause him of forgery and conniving with the African patriotic agency to defraud the union.
Members are now gathering signature to petition the minister of trade and cooperatives to take over management of the union and to create a commission of inquiry to investigate the matter.Major Seiko has however dismissed the allegation saying it is intended to Tunish his name.
SEBEI Elgon cooperative union is made up of 54 primary cooperative societies across the three districts of kween, bukwo and kapchorwa.