Buganda Kingdom Royal Family Property War


The Family Division of the High Court in Kampala has started mediation in a property wrangle between the descendants of Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II. The conflict emanates on which of the descendants should act as estate administrator – with the current position occupiers rejected over their failure to demand compensation from the Central Government five years after they were elected into office.
Mediation talks conducted by the court’s Registrar Irene Akankwatsa today heard that two of the estate administrators; Nnaalinnya Dorothy Nassolo and Ssaava Iga Matovu had withdrawn from their positions. This leaves only Prince David Namugala Mawanda, Nnaalinya Gladys Nandawula Kyakuse Lumaama and Prince Moses Kimera still holding onto their positions.
The petitioner, Prince Kalemera Kimera – who claims the backing of the progeny of the late Kabaka, wants the panel of administrators disbanded and a new one elected. The estate is composed of 450 square Miles allocated to the then Kabaka Daudi Chwa as Private property by the 1900 Buganda Agreement. Recently, the family petitioned the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, demanding over sh20 trillion from the Central government in compensation in unpaid property dues. The talks were adjourned to 11th October 2016.