BIDCO-Farmers Case Flops


The hearing of a court case in which Bugala farmers have sued BIDCO and the Attorney General of Uganda seeking compensation for lost land has flopped for the second time.
The case has been dragging since 2015. The first time the case was set for a hearing was in June and the presiding judge pushed it to late October this year because he was conducting election petitions.
The case is before Masaka residential Judge Eludes Keitirima who is reported to be presiding over criminal cases in West Nile district of Arua.
Farmers in a sombre mood at the Masaka High Court pitched camp at the court premises after receiving communication from the court registrar that their case was not due for hearing and that it was rescheduled for the 19th of December.
Many of the farmers who turned up for the anticipated court session said they continue to live in deplorable conditions. The standoff between the farmers and BIDCO stems from an unsettled land dispute.