Museveni Meets Saudi Prince


Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer, a member of the House of Saudi arrived in the country and met President YoweriMuseveni. This is part of the president’s efforts to woo investors into the country.
The prince Sultan Bin Mohammed is also founder and Chairman of Almarai Company, the world’s largest products company.
After a closed door meeting, the president’stwitter account reported that he discussed various investment opportunities in the dairy sector, agro-processing, fruits processing, textiles, among others.
The Prince Sultan expressed willingness to invest Uganda, appreciating the good weather, immense natural resources and the existing peace and stability.
It is hoped that with more manufacturing industries in the country, Uganda will cut on imports, export more and improve our trade balance.
Prince Sultan is the 12th richest man in the Middle East and was accompanied by a delegation of other Saudis for his meeting.