One on One with Tamale Mirundi – 14 February, 2017


n Africa we don’t express our love in public, go to Europe, you find people kissing in public yet they have highest rates of divorce.
A woman must always be dressed in a ‘gomesi’. If you show us your legs then what next?
An African man doesn’t express love in public, we express love in bedroom.
What does red symbolize? If people dressed in red are the ones who want love then let’s give it to UPC.
Kizza Besigye is a thief himself. Did he carry the square miles of land he has in Kasangati in a basket from Rukungiri? There’s no country that has settled land wrangles in peace. Go to Kenya’s history, Mau Mau buried whites in the ground
We don’t have sovereign kings in Uganda, they are just traditional leaders and chiefs.