Bobi Wine's Treason Case Postponed


MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and 33 others had reported to the Gulu Magistrate court for a hearing on their treason case brought about as a result of the Arua chaos later last year. On arrival the defendants and prosecution were informed by Kintu Musala the Gulu Magistrate that the hearing had to be adjourned citing that the police and CIDs involved in the arrest had to also appear and make their testimonies. The officers hail from Gulu and Arua and have been summoned to make an appearance along with the defendants on the 14th of March 2019 when the case is heard.
Bobi Wine and the other defendants are battling treason charges amid the violence and chaos that happened following the Arua by-elections which included riots and damage to government vehicles. Their bail has been extended as well despite the objections from the prosecution who requested for the defendants to be sent to remand in Prison. MPs that attended the court hearing invoked for the intervention of the Chief Justice amid the prosecution’s request citing that there was a lack of fairness and justice.