People Power Vs Silent Majority


As of the end of last year the country was hit by a new political wave called People Power and by now most must be familiar with it at as an ever growing force in the country especially among the youth. The People Power movement has been largely associated with MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and has gained momentum through out the nation. As of recently most notably showcased by Bebe Cool on his appearance at the NBS Frontline debate there seems to be an opposing force dubbed the Silent Majority. The Silent Majority is suspected to involve supporters of the NRM party due to Bebe Cool’s affiliation. The rivalry between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine has been known for years through their music careers and so shifted to politics due to their respective affiliations with Bebe Cool supporting the NRM and Bobi Wine being a member of the FDC.
The People Power Vs Silent Majority debate transcends two  individuals and is more a battle between ideologies with People Power aggressively campaigning for change while the Silent Majority as the name describes is more subtle with their actions. At the NBS studio Simon Kaggwa hosted Col. Shaban Batariza the deputy government Spokesperson and Yusuf Serunkuma a senior researcher at Makerere University who each shared their perception of the respective movements.
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