Government To Start Fresh National ID Registration


National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has begun a fresh National ID registration initiative by extending the services from district level to the sub county level.
NBS’ Canary was with the Deputy Spokesperson for NIRA Micheal Muganga who stated that the former registration process at district level apparently put quite a number of people at a disadvantage in which some people had to travel long distances from their respective sub counties in order to access the services and the initiative is to put their services closer to the people.
Currently NIRA has over 25M people on its register with about 15M cards issued and a further 2M cards unissued. When asked about if registration could go online in order to cater for citizens across borders, Micheal Muganga stated that it’s available at the moment but claimed there is a Diaspora office in Kololo that can be accessed as well as in overseas embassies like in the UK.
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